08 Oct 2022

Four Important Subjects In Data Science

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Data Science is like a hidden gem behind all your technical ventures & functionalities. For instance, if you’re a social media freak, it’s the data structure and algorithms that decide which posts, videos, pictures, pages, and comments will show up on your wall. Or if you wanna buy a smartwatch and add to your cart on Myntra, it’s the data science field that will help the company map out your favourites and pin down the best on your previous shopping habits, visits, and preferences. Data science is a vast field of technology that will encompass multiple fields, industries, and data interpretation structures.

So there’s no second thought, that the data science field is quickly gaining momentum and it is in high demand in the market, mostly among multinational corporations, government bodies, e-commerce giants, healthcare, logistics, shipping, etc. In fact, various small businesses worldwide are on the hunt for data scientists so that they can elevate their business and take it to the next level. And the good thing – it’s a high-paying career with plenty of opportunities for growth.

If numbers, statistics, analytics, and technology fascinates you then this is the field you should zero in. Do most people wonder what jobs I can get with a computer science degree? Which are the jobs that will make you rich? It’s Data Science – the hottest career field for millions of aspirants in India.

Data science continues to become a more complex field as technology advances, and therefore data scientists are highly valued professionals in most companies. If a company wants to pull advanced data analysis and make accurate predictions based on its sets, then the company will bring resources into its data science strategy. If you study data science and become a certified professional, you’re guaranteed to do challenging yet rewarding work in terms of salary and an amazing career.

Data science is considered the highest-paid and hottest job of the century. But did you ever think about why there is so much fuss about data science in the market? Why do data scientists get paid so heavily? And why do businesses need data science? 

Data scientists come from various backgrounds like finance, economics, healthcare, e-commerce, environmental studies, computer, etc. This diversity gives them an innovative perspective and applies different analytical and problem-solving skills to various projects and current topics. Although we are not trying to cover all the related subjects in Data science, however, we will try to familiarize the mainstream subjects to become a skilled data scientist: 

Let’s understand them in detail


In data science, statistics is at the core of sophisticated ML algorithms, to capture & translate data patterns into actionable insights. Data scientists use statistics to gather, review, analyze, and draw valuable conclusions from raw but highly potential data, and apply quantified mathematical models to appropriate variables. Data scientists work as programmers, researchers, business executives, and in various other capacities. And all of these roles have one thing in common – that’s ‘Statistics’. Thus, statistics stands to be a pillar stone in data science, and it's as good as understanding programming languages.

Business Analytics

It is basically making use of big data applications of Data science and implementing them to determine business decisions, identify weaknesses & apply practical changes within companies to improve key performance indicators or growth measures. Although data and business analytics share nearly the same common goals, there’s more decision-making, change implementation, and communication involved in business analytics.

Computer Science 

Computer tools and techniques will be required for most of the backend processes involved in Data Science. It includes knowledge of the technologies on how to use it, process, and manage things. It even includes an understanding of how to spread systems as data grows massively and where to apply necessary algorithms for better computer efficiency. For instance, let's say you work for finance companies, so will identify common patterns in the data for fraudulent transactions with the help of statistical techniques. You will then use these techniques and apply them to all your valued customers on a continuous basis. Computer science techniques will help you set the platform, coding, and right way to do this.

Good Communication

As a data scientist, mere achieving in-demand skills won’t help you secure jobs in top tech companies and start-ups. Its effective communication skills that will help you convey your findings and recommendations to non-technical colleagues. It includes senior management, colleagues, stakeholders, clients, and even customers. It is therefore essential that you develop strong communication skills. As data science evolves, it becomes increasingly important for data scientists to communicate their findings to those who don’t have enough technical background. In addition, communication stands to be the key element to understanding complex theories, and concepts and converting them into simple recommendations to stakeholders and clients so that they can take the desired action on it.

Check blogs and articles on the internet on how to build effective communication skills.

Data science will certainly add great value to your companies by adding statistics, analytical skills, computer science techniques, and communication skills amongst new candidates so that the process takes data-driven, and informed decisions.

Data Science is the need of the hour and a rapidly growing field in the world. The concepts and advanced technologies will stay in the market for almost a decade from here onwards. Thus, Data Scientists are in high demand in nearly every industry, process, and sector across India. There are plenty of jobs available out there in the market and all you need is the right skills and confidence to crack your interview. You need to strike the right chord to enjoy an outstanding data science career. Data Science is a huge umbrella with varied kinds of job roles in different areas like finance, e-commerce, logistics and shipping, healthcare, environmental studies, government bodies and organizations, IT, etc. And to grab such exciting job opportunities data science online training program from top edtech players is a must for players. A certified data science program will certainly add value to your career and help you find prospective jobs in the market.

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