30 Jul 2021

How To Prepare For Strength Of Materials In GATE Exam ME 2022 | Ekeeda

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How To Prepare ‘Strength of Materials' for GATE Mechanical 2022?

Strength Of Material also known as ‘Mechanics of Materials’ will focus on various types of stresses and deflections in the materials under different loads. When you have knowledge of it, you can design safe structures that are capable of supporting the intended loads. It’s a conceptual topic and important for designing any project. For GATE mechanical engineering, it's one of the important subjects which cannot be omitted. Strength of Materials consists of a wide range of topics to prepare such as Torsions, Bending & Shear Stresses, Deflection of Beams, Material Testing, etc.

GATE Weightage Mechanical – Strength of Materials 

Being a core mechanical engineering subject, its average weightage would be 10% of the GATE exam 2022. Thus, it becomes one of the necessary subjects to cover for the entrance test. For the year 2022, GATE would be held on 5-7 Feb and 12-14 Feb (tentatively) in various cities divided under zones by 7 IITs of India. Candidates who are planning to appear for GATE ME 2022 should cover the entire syllabus with a robust study plan. This will help them score more and clear the exam on their first attempt. Indeed a dream for millions of students!
The blog will give complete information on how to prepare for ‘
Strength of Materials’ in your GATE ME 2022 Exam:

Let’s List Down The Important Topics for Strength of Materials. 

For the strength of materials, it would be a great idea if you would start preparing for the topics given below:-

Stresses and Strain

This topic is the basics and it's an important part of GATE studies. Theoretical questions will be asked from this topic such as: What is Stress in a material? You should understand the various types of loading conditions & stresses exerted by different forms of loading. Few topics to cover: Axial displacements, compound bars, impact elongation & compression, plain & principle stresses & strain. 

Stress-Strain Relationship & Elastic Constants

Cover this topic by learning the basics in the earlier chapter and relations b/w Elastic Constants (E, G, K, n) should be remembered. It’s advisable, practice on Poisson’s Ratio & Relation b/w elastic constants.

Mohr’s Circle

It’s a small topic that you come across while studying an analytical formula to find Principal Stresses & directions. Prepare on stress especially for various planes in a point, Max shear stress. While preparing for GATE (ME), make sure you keep revising these topics as and when you get spare time.

Thin Cylinders 

It’s a formula-based topic and easy to score in GATE. Thorough the formulae of Hoop stress, longitudinal stress, circumferential strain, longitudinal strain & Volumetric strain for thin cylinder & thin spheres to score marks.


Shear Force Diagram & Bending Moment Diagram is related to simply-supported beams & cantilevers for various loading (point load, UDL, UVL, concentrated moment) Practice Numerical for these topics.

Bending of Beams

It’s an important topic and requires basic information on Engineering Mechanics. You need to understand the variation of bending stress in the beam under different loading conditions, learn how to shift the load, and the bending equation. For deflection, study the various possible cases. Do studies on Deflection - Superposition, Moment area, Castigalno theorem), Uniform Strength Beam & bending equation.


Once you study bending, it becomes easy to understand the twisting moment in a shaft. Prepare for Twisting Moment equation & Practice numerical on series, the parallel arrangement of shafts, and how to find parameters such as the angle of twist, stiffness, etc. for the hollow & solid shaft.


Learn the formula of Deflection, helical spring stiffness & practice numerical.

Euler’s theory of Column 

It’s an easy and formula-based topic. Learn Euler’s buckling load for these end conditions (Both End Hinge, Hinge and Fix, Both End Fix, Fix and free) & Slenderness Ratio.

Strain Energy & Thermal Stresses

For Strain Energy - study the basis derivations for Beam/Shaft under Torsion, Bending & axial load. For Thermal Stresses - Practice Thermal Stresses on Yielding Support, Free Expansion, Rod fixed at both ends.

Regular Preparation Tips for GATE Mechanical Exam 2022:

To prepare for the GATE ME exam, aspirants can follow our simple tips and deliver their best. Of course, you need to have a positive and thoughtful approach to execute things.

Proper Time Table:

Design a proper timetable that covers all the topics, and concepts along with revision time. You should schedule each subject based on difficulty level and priorities. Give enough breaks in between to get you going through the GATE journey.

Create Your Notes:

Every individual is god gifted with some learning instincts, utilize them to make notes. It will help you remember formulae, number crunch, diagrams, charts, etc during the slog overs

Be Creative:

Well! You can’t sit with the designer to display your creativity; however, you can make use of funny pictures, words, or memes to remember the points. Try to bring some enthusiasm to your studies, you will not get bored. Try to convert it into a game, challenge yourself, and clear it! 

Manage Your Time:

It would be better if you allocate timelines for every topic separately and create a study plan – day-wise, hour wise to clear it as early as possible.

GATE Question Papers:

It will be like footfalls if you attempt GATE Mechanical Engineering Question Papers - it gives an idea on the difficult and high scoring topics. It will also boost your confidence, gain accuracy, and speed for your BIG exam day!

Revise! Revise! Revise:

Prevention is better than cure. It's better not to be overconfident & revise all the topics right before the exam. Categorize and divide topics based on time in hand and achieve your revision goals. 
To crack
GATE, you need sheer determination & hard work. Follow these simple preparation tips and crack it in your first attempt. Sign up with Ekeeda & Start learning today!

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