11 Jul 2022

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Data Science: The Key To Achieve Success And Make You Rich

Data Science is like hidden magic behind all your technical ventures and functionalities. For instance, if you’re a social media freak, it’s the data structure and algorithms that decide which posts and comments will show up on your wall. Or if you wanna buy your favourite jeans or shirt and add them to your cart on Myntra, its data science field helps the company map out your favourites and pin down the best on your previous shopping habits, visits, and preferences. Data science is a broad field of technology that will encompass multiple fields, industries, and data interpretation structures.

So there’s no second thought, it’s the field is quickly gaining momentum and is highly in demand in the market, mostly amongst multinational corporations, government bodies, e-commerce giants, healthcare, logistics, shipping, etc. In fact, various small businesses worldwide are on the hunt for data scientists so that they can elevate their business and take it to the next level. And the good thing – it’s a high-paying career with plenty of opportunities for growth. If you always had that attraction for number crunching, mathematics, science, and technology, then it may be the field for you! Do most people wonder what jobs I can get with a computer science degree? Which are the jobs that will make you rich? It’s Data Science – the hottest career field for millions of aspirants in India.

Data science continues to become a more complex field as technology advances, and therefore data scientists are highly valued professionals in most companies. If a company wants to pull advanced data analysis and make accurate predictions based on its sets, then the company will bring resources into its data science strategy. If you study data science and become a certified professional, you’re guaranteed to do challenging yet rewarding work in terms of salary and an amazing career. Data science is considered the highest-paid and hottest job of the century. But did you ever think about why there is so much fuss about data science in the market? Why do data scientists get paid so heavily? And why do businesses need data science? Our blog will quickly throw light on these answers and get to know some of the exciting ways to become a data scientist.

Why Data Science Is So Important?

Nearly everyone is interacting with each other through technology in some form and to a certain extent, and data scientists are in great demand in science since they will help businesses create a full-proof plan to counter their competitors. Most of us wonder what jobs I can get with a computer science degree.

Here are for instance and type of industries most rely on Data Science:

On the internet, data science will refine the answer you get for every search. It will also make the ads view to you when you scroll down the social media post. For avid gamers, data science will help create a more personalized experience. Enemies could find it hard to defeat or learn from your play style when you level up. Data Science is the magic behind cab booking apps or study apps that you’ve been using to book a cab or learn at the click of the button. The airline industry uses data science to predict flight delays, route airplanes, and drive customer loyalty programs. Similarly, the logistics and shipping industry is using app to track a vessel, parcel, and consignment, movement of ships, and more.

Data science is important in all forms of situations and industries where technology and data exist. Scientists in this field prove crucial for maximizing an organization’s time, resources, and labour.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

Data scientists can be found in any industry or process, who team up with other professionals to build algorithms that can organize and extract massive amounts of data. This information is used to help the company analyze its past movements, develop strategies, and accordingly plan for a profitable future. In addition, data scientists team up with various stakeholders across an organization or business and clients to advice them on the best possible plan or rather actionable insights based on their data. They’re responsible for to translate the complex tech jargon of ML, big data, and mathematical modeling into layman’s terms for non-tech professionals.

Data Scientist Salary

It’s indeed a lot! The work of data scientists is quite complex and challenging. Fortunately, the payoff for these unique skills will be seen in the compensation and perks. As per Glassdoor, Data scientists are the second highest-pay job in India, with a median base salary of ₹15-20 LPA.  Other related jobs that made the list are data architects, machine learning engineers, and data analysts.

Data Science Career: Future Outlook

A career in data science is not just fascinating– but on the rise, too! The job outlook for data scientists and other computer and information research is projected to increase and there would be 11.6 million data science jobs by 2026. The employment growth rate is much faster than average for all occupations. Thus, the future for data science seems promising and quite bright. It’s a great time to become a data scientist!

Career in Data Science: Educational Requirements

Data science is a blanket term used for various tech concepts such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, And Big Data. As a result, you have the freedom to choose from various educational paths & specializations to accelerate in the industry.

Data Science Degree Needs

To proceed with a career as a data scientist, you will only need a bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, maths, or physics. The most lucrative career prospects within the industry will require a master’s degree. So experts suggest after you graduate take up some quick data science online course and brighten your chances of getting exciting job roles & career opportunities. Don’t be intimidated by the long haul — most data scientists start out small and eventually turn their obstacles or rather stones thrown at them to build a bridge of success, just like any competitive world!

Degree Prerequisites For Data Science

It’s no surprise that you need a bit of tech geek mind and analyzing capability before you step into the industry. If you’re thinking to apply to colleges, make sure you build an application that showcases your passion and expertise for maths, science, and technology. There is no hard & fast rule as to who can become a data scientist or who cannot. The main prerequisite for any undergraduate degree program will be a keen interest in the subject, good communication, and the ability to grasp and absorb as much as possible. As long as you are passionate about these topics, you’re likely to have a fighting chance! Although the data science domain open-heartedly welcomes professionals from all backgrounds and experiences, it still has some prerequisites to becoming a data scientist. Go through it before taking data science as a career.

  • Unconditional love for data
  • Analytical mind & quest for logical reasoning
  • Hands-on with computers & programming languages
  • Familiar with Maths, Statics & Linear Algebra
  • Fine Understanding of business operations
  • The attitude of a learner
  • Good communication skills

Skills Required For Data Science Career

Since data scientists go back & forth between machines, people, and other methods to extrapolate data, they often need to have plenty of soft skills to complement their tech knowledge. Some important skills include – communication skills, analytical knowledge, team player, good listener, and active learner.

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