28 Jul 2022

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Five Tips To Secure Your Data Science Internship

Getting an internship in data science is a tough nut to crack, amidst stiff competition where millions are there to axe you. You have to stay on top of the game, brush your skills, and be connected in the industry if you wish to seek an opportunity. Our blog will share some simple tips that will help help you get your foot in the industry.

Once you complete the data science certification, the next thing is to get an internship or job opportunity in the industry. With every passing year, the task to get a job in a tech firm is getting tougher and tougher. And data science field is no exception, with so many young and talented people drawn to this amazing field. Competition is quite stiff, which means that it has become critical to enter the game and hold your ground. Relax! Platforms like Ekeeda will offer data science online programs that will help learn data science from world-class data instructors right at their comfort. The placement assistance team leaves no stone unturned to help you get opportunities and top tech and start-ups like Accenture Analytics, December Labs, Innofied, Tiger Analytics, Datascope, Peerbits, BCG Gamma, IBM, Statworx, Addepto, and more.

These are some tips to secure your first data science internship with no prior working experience:

Be Honest About Your Skills

Naturally, the industry is looking for candidates who can do it all for them – he or she can write clean code, can solve real-world problems, work for long hours at lesser intern amount, are fully skilled, and are ready to hit the ground running. But in reality, very few candidates are capable to fulfil those criteria, and there will be something about the candidate that won’t make them the right person for the job but internships are out there for everyone. So, what is the best way to highlight the skills when you don’t have prior experience? Talk about coding challenges, highlight the capstone projects you’ve worked on during the data science course or describe the plan you used to learn data science. From these stories, hiring managers will get an idea of what technologies have been you’ve used, what kind of problems you solved, did you work under pressure or not, and how you feel about learning new data science skills. Try to make these stories relevant to the company and their process, and explain how your experience will help them beat the competition and overcome hurdles.

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Be Ready To Work With Low Pay

Your first internship will not bring you the six-figure salary and a big cubicle to sit in. Neither will your second or third. Frighten? Don’t worry. When I began my first job, the recruiter was shocked to see I was willing to work for a lower wage than what they had initially offered me. Many will say it was crazy to do such a thing. But, I had an opinion that it might be low wage but I will be working with a recognized company that was taking a leap of faith in a new, untested graduate. It was the best move since I had earned their trust over the last year & shown that I can do excellent work that is well worth their pay. After this skill display when I asked for raise, there was no confrontation or any form of deliberation. The key takeaway was it's important that everyone has a good start and that money can’t buy your skills or give a position. It’s a Bournville that you need to earn it.

Boost Your Selection Chances

Everyone who apply for a data science internship will know how to code using Python, will be able to create data visualizations using Plotly, and would be able to run a simple ML analysis. The competition for data science internships is intense and you need to find a way to keep up with the competition. Figure out which industry you wish to do your internships in and what technologies or skills are relevant and needed in that industry. For instance, the corporate sector will have data science jobs of storytelling with data. You should be able to draw meaningful conclusions from different types of reports & bring them together into a story that is depicted using an eye-catching visualization. Alternatively, R & D sector, recruiters will be looking for interns who can run ML to discover insights from experimental data. When you choose the industry and learn about skills, you will be able to tailor your skillset and resume towards becoming desired industry candidate. Take a couple of days before you send your resume across companies and make sure you can do some of the regular tasks that a data scientist in that field would do on regular day activities.

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Stay Connected With Instructors & Mentors

Most people get disconnected from instructors and mentors once the data science program is done. However, it’s a big mistake. Your best source of information about internship opportunities and jobs will be your instructors whom you’ve kept in touch with after the certification program. If you have a good relationship with these types of people you will learn new skills, and get industry updates and they will likely be able to open doors for you with different employers, potentially even in the field that you’re interested in. For aspiring graduates, this is a key reminder to make some connections with instructors and set a good example of yourself in front of instructors. These people are excellent sources when referring to applying for internships.

Networking is very necessary for those who are looking for internships. Alternatively, there are platforms like Ekeeda that have come up with Discord – India’s first dedicated community for aspirants wherein you can - Talk to COO/CEOs to determine industry angles, Peer-to-Peer discussions for interview preparations, start-up ideas, mentorships, Talk to your idols from FB, Google, Amazon to clear hurdles, grab 1000+ internships and job opportunities, Get free soft skills training, Create portfolio projects that showcase your newly acquired skills. And even learn the most favourable programming language and be a certified Data Science professional. Join today!

Learn To Solve Real-World Problems

The Capstone world is different from the real-life world. The situation could change anytime and you need to have those skills to solve them in nick of time. It’s the top complaint amongst recruiters in tech that new data science graduates applying are unable to solve real-world problems. While most boot camps or platforms do their best to expose you to solving real-world problems, it is tough to replicate the experience in a tense environment. You don’t’ have mentors who can give you the right answer when you get stuck and you need to swim on your own in troubled waters. Thus, it’s up to you to learn how to solve real-life problems before you go out for your first interview. These simple yet efficient skills will set you apart from other candidates, and it will allow you to hit the ground running if you do get the internship.

These real-world problems can be tough yet creative as you make them. Many common portfolio projects include fake-news detectors, biometric entries, climate change visualizers, and facial recognition apps. Also, most companies give access to some of their data on Github or other data sharing platforms - wherein they will describe what they’re looking for in data scientists to solve or they may leave it open for users to discover their own skills and findings. Whatever the technique in which way you want to display your world problem-solving skills, make sure that your data science portfolio has a couple of examples of the problem. It shows the managers that you have various approaches to problems and are not afraid to try to solve different types of problems.

Key Findings

To secure your first data science job with no prior experience, you will have to:

  • Be honest about your skills and stay away from faking it
  • Be ready to work for lesser pay but greater opportunity
  • Learn multiskills that are in high demand in your desired industry
  • Stay connected with data instructors and mentors from learning platforms
  • Learn to solve real-world problems before you start applying for internships

The data science field is blooming around and more & more people are becoming intrigued by this fast-paced, and fascinating tech field. Thankfully, these were some easy ways to secure your first data science internship in 2022. Patience, persistence, and passion are the key factors to secure an internship and attaining new zeniths in life.

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