31 Jul 2021

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Simple Checks To Know If You're Ready For The GATE Exam Or Not

GATE is one of the prestigious competitive exams for aspirants across India to secure admissions in Post Graduate programs, jobs in Top PSUs, Fellowship programs offered by IITs and other renowned institutes. It's considered one of the toughest exams and hence, students have to put their best foot forward for rigorous GATE preparation. Next year, GATE will be conducted in February 2022 by IIT, Kharagpur. It's conducted by the authorities to check the aspirant's knowledge of various concepts and technical skills. Most students get panic while preparing for GATE and often lose focus. In spite of taking a good headstart, they lose their grip and feel lost whilst in their preparation journey. 
Relax! Ekeeda - A leading Tech Educational Platform is here to help you. We will guide you through a complete checklist that will help you know if you're ready for the GATE entrance exam or not. In this article, Ekeeda has compiled the list of skills required to excel in
GATE 2022.
GATE needs a proper study plan, consistency, and finally your skill to improve each day as you near the BIG exam day. Below are few questions that will help you gauge if you're prepared for the GATE exam or not.  

Are You Able To Complete The Entire Gate Syllabus?
GATE syllabus is quite vast - it needs a proper study plan and its execution to complete the syllabus on time. Other than the syllabus, you should reserve time for revision as well. It's a two-way and sureshot process to gain the right knowledge and skills to answer most of the questions in your GATE Exam. Also, you need to keep an eye on the GATE exam pattern so that you know the area of high scoring and more marks. Often candidates tend to neglect the GATE aptitude section but it's the most important part that will help you gain an edge over the competition.  
Can You Maintain The Speed And Accuracy Simultaneously?
Speed and accuracy are two crucial factors that will help you score excellent marks in the GATE exam. Many times, lack of speed and not providing accurate answers can lead to failure in the exam. Since it's all about your mental ability and skill you need to be on your toes. Many students confess their inability to complete the paper within a given time and reason for not cracking the exam. Candidates should focus on solving more questions in lesser time and also maintain accuracy. Negative marking will definitely reduce your marks, hence maintaining accuracy is important. Enroll with Ekeeda GATE online classes and get the best tips and tricks from GATE experts to maintain speed and accuracy.
Did You Figure Out Your Strengths And Weaknesses?
Many students feel once they solve GATE mock tests, they're through with the preparation. But what about analyzing your tests? Well, the main intention of mock tests is to determine your strengths and weaknesses. In fact, analyzing is more important than attempting a test. It helps you to find where you stand in your preparation journey, areas where you lose marks, and quickly score. Therefore, GATE aspirants are advised to analyze the mock tests and focus on complex topics that will lose marks and strengthen them.  

Did You Skip Any Topic?
Most students try and omit complex topics or maybe tend to skip them and leave for the last moment. However, it means you're not ready for GATE 2022 yet. It's important to understand that each and every topic in GATE 2022 syllabus has to be covered. Candidates should focus on topics that might be complex but have higher weightage for the GATE examination. Skipping is not the solution for everything instead face it and overcome it! Since questions can be asked from any topic mentioned in the GATE syllabus, you need a holistic GATE preparation. Our top faculty will help you clear your doubts through live sessions and exclusive GATE online lectures will provide instant solutions for complex topics or specific subjects.  
Did You Revise All The Topics And Sections? 
Revisions are one of the most important elements of your preparation journey. Mere completing the syllabus will not make you ready for the GATE Exam 2022. It's important to revise every topic and keep the concepts, formulae fresh in mind. Since the syllabus of GATE is quite vast, aspirants generally don't get enough time in the end for revision. Instead, it's advisable to take a short revision after every topic and prepare GATE notes that will consist of important concepts and formulate. Candidates can revise the topics and won't lose much time on them at the last moment. 
Did You Use The Best Gate Study Material?
Preparing from the right study material will be the key factor to crack the GATE examination. Depending on the syllabus and specified subjects, candidates can refer to the best GATE books or study resources available in the market. With the help of specialized GATE online lectures from top platforms like Ekeeda, you can ace your specific subjects. You can save thousands being splurged on textbooks and study materials. Also, the live sessions will help you clear doubts and provide instant solutions with a better understanding of all the concepts. 
Download Ekeeda and prepare with the best GATE online classes for GATE 2022!

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