23 Jul 2021

How To Prepare For GATE Mechanical Engineering 2022

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How To Prepare For GATE Mechanical in 2022?


Wow! You’ve finally made up your mind to appear GATE 2022. IIT Kharagpur has released the official GATE notification and aspirants are busy taking the notes of important dates for GATE registration, how to fill up the application form online, looking for GATE exam syllabus and exam pattern. From now onwards you will have nearly six to seven months in hand for GATE 2022 preparation. So are you ready to attempt the GATE 2022? What’s your study plan? Seems all charged for it!!  Well! The key to success will be how will you prepare for competitive test. Even a cricketer has to practice in nets before he walks on the ground to bat or bowl. You just can’t step on the pitch and start performing so easily. Thus, ‘Preparation Is The Key To Achieve Success’.

To get a wild card entry in the top Indian PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings), attend lectures in M.E/M Tech rooms in top IITs, NITs & IIITs in India is still a distance dream for many candidates, who struggle to clear the GATE Exam.

Mechanical is one of the oldest and most popular branches that will be included in the technical sections of the GATE 2022 Exam. Also, there would be an aptitude and engineering mathematics section in the exam. So, you have to invest equal time, energy, and efforts for all the three sections, if you really want to pass with great GATE scores. You need to adopt the right preparation strategy, understand the entire GATE Mechanical Syllabus, opt for the best GATE study material, and ofcourse practice with GATE PYQPs/Model question papers, mock tests to score excellent marks.

Our blog will discuss exclusively on how to prepare for GATE Mechanical Engineering 2022 - It’s a subject that deals with machines, instruments, and devices. It's one of the oldest branches of engineering and it includes concepts like thermodynamics, fluids, mechanism, and structural analysis. Mechanical engineering also includes the application of principles of mechanics, material science, physics, and applied maths.  The branch is quite tough and only intelligent brains can manage to secure a spot in the B.E/B.Tech. Imagine how brilliant your mind has to be if you wish to crack GATE Mechanical exam. So, the candidates of Mechanical Engineering have to take it earnestly and study hard to crack the exam in their first attempt. 

Earlier, candidates had to run pillar to posts to find right study material, attend coaching classes and sit hours for studies. It would be tiring and also prove costly to spend thousands on best GATE books for Mechanical engineering, test series, and other study materials. Every professor had it's own theory and would suggest to buy the books referred by him or her thereby creating confusion for the candidates amidst fear for GATE preparation. Thanks to the internet, there is no dearth of the best GATE study material for ME candidates. Top educational platforms like Ekeeda provide exclusive GATE ME package for candidates at pocket-friendly prices. You can watch & prepare through online lectures at your own pace and convenience. These lectures are exclusively designed by top educators who have years of experience in preparing students for GATE competitive test.  

What’s More? Live lectures, PDF notes, online mocks for GATE and previous/model question papers will help you overcome the barriers in your preparation path. You can self-evaluate your performance and know where you stand in the preparation journey for Mechanical Field.

Here Are Some Tips To Prepare For GATE Mechanical Engineering

Mistakes are like breadcrumbs that will help you achieve your goal. You shouldn’t bother yourself or dishearten by your faults. Instead, you should continue to learn and move ahead during the tough times of preparation.

Holistic Approach:

GATE Mechanical exam requires a robust plan and you should be prepared to tackle any form of complex or tricky questions. First formulate a timetable and follow it earnestly. Don’t neglect your health and physical fitness which is equally important to increase your focus and concentration for the exam.

GATE consists of General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and Mechanical subject questions. So, time management would play a key role in your decision. Do it carefully and cautiously.

Clear Your Basics:

Every aspect has the root underlying and as an engineer, you’ve already known that every topic has its fundamental basics. Make sure you give enough time and clear your basics properly. Pick notes and study materials that are original and provide good knowledge on fundamental aspects. To save your precious time and money, the internet is at your service. Just browse through it and get the best online courses and study material at the click of the button. Top edu platforms like Ekeeda offer the best study material and GATE online lectures ME for candidates at pocket-friendly prices. Sign up and subscribe for GATE mechanical courses today!

Focus On Number Crunch

Mechanical engineering is full of measurements, scale measures, other dynamic or static magnitudes. You have to study thermodynamics, Fluid & Hydraulic Mechanics, Engg Maths, Engg Materials, Basic Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines and Vibrations, and other machine-oriented concepts. Thus, it’s obvious numbers are an integral part of the subjects in Mechanical branch. Many online platforms and coaching centers offer the best GATE Mechanical Online courses with concepts simplified for you. Research and book it now!

Since Mechanical Engineering is the branch in which most of the part is numerical, you can follow the simple tips given below:

  • Keep two sections -Theoretical & Numerical
  • Pay more attention to formulae, numbers, and other factors rather than theoretical section
  • Solve more PYQPs to gain advantage and enough practice
  • Make sure you brush up through the theoretical part along with numerical  

List of Important Topics For GATE 2022 Exam:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Basic Thermodynamics GATE
  • Hear Transfer GATE
  • Power Plant & IC Engines GATE
  • Refrigeration & Air conditioning GATE
  • Strength of Materials
  • Material Science
  • Machine Design
  • Manufacturing & Production Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering & operations research
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Theory of Machines & Vibrations GATE

Mechanical Engineering requires more attention and focus if you wish to pass with excellent marks in the GATE exam. These were some of the major topics that you will need to cover during your GATE 2022 Exam preparation. So, just take a note of them and be vigilant to cover every topic mentioned in this blog.

On An Ending Note

Most of the time, candidates might be dejected and frustrated with numbers, theories, formulae, and other studies in the GATE Mechanical Syllabus. However, “Keep Calm And Practice ON” would be the key to achieve success. To crack the GATE Mechanical Branch exam, you need to stay serene and focus on completing the syllabus, revision, practicing with the online test series. You will surely obtain positive outcomes for all your hard work, persistence in the end. Lastly, do cycling, gym, or Yoga but maintain your inner peace and health to cope up with the exam stress.

All the best for your GATE Mechanical Engineering Exam. You can do it!

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