19 Aug 2021

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Importance Of GATE Previous Year Question Papers

GATE also known as ‘Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering’ is a computer-based national level test aimed to test the knowledge and skills of undergrads in engineering-specific subjects. It’s important for a candidate to score excellent GATE marks if they wish to seek admission in Postgraduate programs such as M.E/M. Tech and Ph.D., or secure jobs in the top PSUs across India. GATE scores will also let you fly overseas for higher studies. Every year around one million candidates attempt GATE – one of the prestigious competitive exams in India. One can only imagine the competitive level and preparation required to secure your spot in the merit list of this competitive test.
Since the competition is quite high for the
GATE examination, candidates are often worried about how to prepare for the exam and try to figure out various preparation strategies to crack GATE in their first attempt. Candidates hunt for the best GATE books, enroll with coaching centers, sign up with top-rated apps, live chat with GATE experts & toppers for advice, attempt online mock tests, etc. in order to prepare for the GATE exam.
Often portals are flooded with curious questions by the aspirants like what will be the difficulty level of GATE question papers,
GATE preparation tips and tricks, how to crack GATE 2022, and much more. However, experts believe the one common thing that will really help you move up the preparation ladder and give a glimpse of the real GATE exam would be – GATE previous year question papers.
Yes! GATE previous year papers are like breadcrumbs which when followed diligently can lead you to the path of success. Those candidates who practice more and more GATE exam question papers come to know the difficulty level of the exam and accordingly design their answering techniques. Practicing previous year GATE papers will let you boost your confidence, gain speed and accuracy for the exam. Many-a-times simple questions are asked in a tricky way and solving model GATE question papers or previous year papers will let you get a good experience of such questions.

GATE 2021 Projected Analysis
As per most of the candidates who appeared for the forenoon session of the GATE 2021 exam, the feedback tells that the GATE subject papers were moderately difficult. There were few tricky questions that were quite easy yet time-consuming. However, it was noticed that those who had referred to the GATE exam previous year question papers found it much easier to attempt the questions. Candidates also said that the ratio of numerical & theoretical questions was almost the same. Having a strong base in the subject was more than enough to solve both sections.
So, folks read our blog to know why you should practice previous year GATE papers and how to score excellent marks in the forthcoming exam:

Benefits of practicing GATE previous year question papers –
Understand Your GATE Papers –
GATE syllabus is vast and you will run short of time to complete it. When you attempt previous years' GATE papers, you can forecast the types and level of questions to be asked in one of the toughest exams in India. Candidates will realize the GATE exam pattern and mark weightage for every section. These previous year's papers will also let you understand the trends of the exam such as chapter-wise/topic-wise weightage, recurring questions, complexity level, and much more. You will get to know if there are any topics in which the questions will be repeated and thus help you with analysis of important topics and question types that are asked often in the exam.
Know The Trends & Marking Scheme
You can check the questions and see how their presentation or nature has changed eventually. Thus, you can predict the kind of exam and question trends in your forthcoming GATE Exam 2022. Also, you will come to know the marking scheme of the exam. In GATE, the marking scheme varies from section to section and paper-to-paper. Therefore, you should have a fair idea of the difference in the marking scheme completely. Keep an eye on the GATE exam pattern and check the updates on the official site or follow our latest blog.
Build Speed & Time Management Skills
Candidates who solve previous year GATE papers/model papers by setting a timer will get a real feel of the examination. Candidates will come to know where and which section needs to allocate more time and which is easy to clear off at a faster pace with accurate answers. Practicing more and more previous year papers will help them gain speed and also let them acquire time management skills. Thus, it acts as a critical part of your GATE preparation journey.
Analyze Your Performance Level
Practicing GATE previous year question papers (PYQPs) will help the candidates to analyze their performance and understand where they stand in their preparation journey. After attempting the papers, candidates understand their weak and strong areas. It’s advisable to analyze your performance weekly or monthly basis since it will help you know how good your preparation would be for the upcoming GATE 2022 Exam. PYQPs will help you evaluate the preparation level, mistakes you make, and the time you take to solve the questions.
Boost Your Self Confidence
It's natural when you analyze your performance and know about the weaker and stronger areas, you will try and practice to improve them. GATE previous year question papers will help you to understand them, make the necessary changes or improvement in your study, exam attempt and thus improve your scoring ability. This in turn boosts your confidence and it will also eliminate the fear amongst the candidates of a particular topic or section, the timeline, and the GATE exam pattern.
If you really want a good
GATE score, then you should utilize your last two months in solving the maximum GATE question papers possible. Try to attempt at least one previous year's paper a day and later analyze your performance at the end of the day. Understand what was lacking and what improvement needs to be done for better results. We would suggest, get up early in the morning and solve the GATE question paper, since your mind is fresh you will recollect things quickly and attempt paper with better speed and accuracy. While solving the paper, sit in a separate room with no smartphones, Television, friends, or relatives around you. Think as if you’re sitting in the exam hall and try to attempt it diligently. In this attempt, you should not refer to any books, online video lectures, or notes. It should be just a plain GATE exam question paper, and your 3 hours’ dedicated time limit. Once you are done, you can spend the rest of the day analyzing the question paper, your mistakes, focusing on difficult areas, and revising notes.
Ramp up your GATE Exam preparation 2022 with Ekeeda experts. Attend live instructor-led classes, analyze performance with mock tests, previous year question papers. Sign up with Ekeeda – India’s best tech educational platform for competitive aspirants and start preparing today!

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