19 Aug 2021

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Best Guidelines To Create A Self-Study Plan In GATE 2022

Hello Guyz. Congratulations! Finally, you’ve made up your mind to attempt GATE Exam 2022. Of course, you may have opted to join coaching classes or do self-study to prepare for the GATE examination. If it's a coaching center you will get all the notes & attend lectures for the preparation. However, if you opt for self-study then it’s a commendable effort by you. Since you believe in your gut instincts and intelligence which is the first step to boost your confidence. However guys other than your intelligence level there are a lot of factors you need to consider such as – good GATE study material, doubt clarification, access to GATE test series, model/previous year question papers, and much more if you’re really want to get pass through GATE in your first attempt. Relax! We are here to help you. Our experts will share some great tips for self-study candidates who are doing GATE exam preparation on their own.
Self-study candidates face a lot of issues while preparing for the GATE examination. They don’t have proper guidelines, lack of study resources, and mainly expert faculty who can clear their doubts and help them move up the preparation ladder, that’s why especially in this blog we will talk about how to work on a good GATE self-study plan and get access to the best GATE study material for 2022.
Follow the guidelines shared by our blog experts diligently and practice hard, you will be able to bring a good rank in GATE Exam 2022. For students who runs short of finance, stay in remote areas, have no access to expert faculty/peers, or haven’t enrolled for any coaching center, read our blog from beginning to end and stick to the guidelines available to you. When you implement these tips in your study life, we’re sure you’ll be able to reap benefits and score excellent marks in the forthcoming
GATE 2022 exam.
Here are some important tips on how to prepare for the GATE Exam 2022:

  1. Focus on the relevant GATE Syllabus

When a self-study candidate begins GATE exam preparation, he or she doesn’t have a proper idea on the number of topics in GATE subjects, which topic he or she is on, and which topic to move ahead. For them, every topic is important and they take unnecessary pressure. It doesn’t happen that way, for this, you need to have a thorough study plan. When we talk about GATE Exam 2022, you have seven months only, that’s why you should be serious about your GATE syllabus and finish every subject/section like GATE aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and Specific Subject thoroughly. Also, the GATE Exam pattern will let you get complete details such as types of questions, marking scheme, sectional limit, the total number of subjects/papers, exam duration, etc.
If you face any difficulties in completing any subject then you can always tune in to Ekeeda YouTube channel wherein top educators from IITs will guide you through the topic and help you clarify your doubts. You can take help from these experts who have years of experience in preparing GATE candidates right from the bottom level to advanced level. For complete
GATE Exam Syllabus 2022

  1. Solve As Many Numerical Questions As Possible Through GATE Reference Books

When you prepare for the examination all by yourself, you will have a lot of trouble in choosing numerical questions. Because when you do self-study, you do it only with the help of reference GATE books and take the help of a YouTube channel. You feel the lack of expert advice and number of questions somewhere, for this, you have to choose in the selective area in the reference books. Try to solve all the possible types of questions to evaluate your performance. When you attend YouTube channels you will also get model/previous year GATE exam question papers to solve in video forms so that you get to judge the question level in the GATE examination.

  1. Focus On Topics With Higher Subject Weightage

Focus on higher weightage topics means that first cover those topics wherein a lot of questions are asked in GATE examination and then later do those topics which have low weightage compared to higher ones. You won’t feel much pressure in your mind. Some of the high-scoring areas would be the GATE aptitude and Engineering mathematics section. Also, go through the complete GATE subject-wise weightage and see which topics have higher weightage, and prepare accordingly for it. Keep practicing it and according to your branch from whatever your high scoring topics are. It’s only 5 to 6 topics so that you can make mind for at least 70 to 80 percent of the GATE syllabus is completed. When you ace up your GATE preparation at the last moment you will come to know that many subjects are revised, that’s why do things first. Gradually complete low-scoring subjects.

  1. Attempt GATE Test Series For Self Evaluation

Once you follow all the three tips given above diligently, you can move up the preparation ladder through the GATE test series. While talking about GATE test series, you need at least 2 to 3 months in hand before you give the GATE exam. Along with this, you need to keep revising your subjects – the topics that are complex and need continuous revision of your subject. That’s why we advise you to complete the topics with higher weightage so that when you attempt the test series, you can at least be sure to score 70 to 80% of the marks through the mock questions.
We suggest you first start the test series topic-wise then move to subject-wise and then attempt All subjects mock test. This way you will have a strategic approach and you won’t miss out on any topic/subtopic to make sure you score maximum marks. Then finally move to the final mock test before one month of the ‘BIG’ exam day. One should attempt to test seriously and judge your preparation level. You should sit as if your giving the real test, leave your smartphones, friends aside. Keep a smartwatch or timer in hand and attempt answers. Ekeeda GATE test series will help you maintain speed & accuracy to ensure you score excellent marks in the examination. Attempt online mock for GATE and enhance your preparation today!

  1. Make Your Own Short Notes

Short notes are like breadcrumbs that will help you reach your academic goals. When you do self-study you should make short notes for all the important formulae, concepts, charts, etc. so that you memorize quickly and save your time. However, it is advisable to note down all the mistakes of mock tests and include them in the short notes. Keep a close watch on them and avoid them during your next attempt. Refer to Ekeeda PDF notes that will help you design accurate notes to score better in your GATE examination. Most self-study candidates don’t pay attention to these small things and they later have to bear the brunt in the GATE exam. You need the best focus and the chances of making a mistake are also very high. That’s why prepare your short notes and keep revising them again and again.

  1. Opt For GATE Online Lectures

GATE online lectures are one of the best tools if you need to prepare right at your comfort and convenient place. There are leading technical apps like Ekeeda that provide GATE Online classes for various streams. Other than this, you can get access to PDF notes, mock tests, model/previous year question papers, and live lectures to clarify your doubts instantly for holistic GATE preparation. Platforms like Ekeeda believe in producing brilliant minds and thus offer online courses and study packages at pocket-friendly prices. It’s an excellent resource for individuals who are often opt for self study due to varied reasons like shortage of finance, remote location, lack of expert faculty/professors, being introvert personality, etc. Sign up and take a free trial today!
Conclusion:(Important tips for self-study students)
In the end, we would like to say that all the important tips we’ve provided are like a sum-up of various toppers who also have done self-study. So keep these points in mind and begin your GATE exam preparation 2022. If you will follow these points in mind diligently you can clear the GATE examination with good AIR and score. We would like to wish you all the best of luck for the GATE 2022 examination. Prepare well and give a superb performance. Thank You!

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