29 Jul 2021

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How To Prepare for GATE Exam Along With ESE?


Hello Aspirants,

Every year just a handful of candidates qualify GATE, a number that is only a fraction when compared to the number of students appearing for the exam. Only a very few who qualify this exam burn the midnight oil. The point is that if you smartly utilise your time, great dividends are often reaped. Here is how the candidates can achieve this milestone! Go through the following article by Ekeeda to gear up your GATE Preparation along with ESE. As we all are aware of the fact that both the examinations have almost similar syllabus but very different exam patterns and type of questions asked. Therefore, most of the students get confused if they should prepare for ESE or GATE or if for both then how should they manage it. Many students might be confused right now as well whether they should be picking one exam or prepare for both the GATE and ESE examination.

The confusion grows when they go around asking inexperienced people who advise them to not choose two exams and instead prepare for one exam.

Which is tougher, the GATE or the ESE?

It is a subjective question. Both the exams are tough. I have tried to compare both exams based on certain parameters.
GATE vs ESE- A Detailed Analysis:
Exam Objective:

  1. GATE exam is to get admission in M.Tech or PhD in IITs or NITs or other prominent engineering colleges as well as for various other posts in PSUs. GATE scores are also accepted in the IIMs for their Fellow Program in Management.

  2. ESE is for central government jobs in various engineering departments under the Government of India.

Exam pattern and Syllabus:

  1. GATE is an objective MCQ based examination of 3 hours duration, 65 questions and 100 marks. It covers only those subjects which are going to be useful in higher studies.

  2. ESE is a long process which consists of three stages. Prelims, mains and interview. ESE has a huge syllabus. It covers almost complete engineering syllabus.

  3. While GATE is a test of your conceptual clarity, problem-solving skills and in-depth knowledge, ESE is more of a speed test and a test of your ability to cover the vast syllabus of general studies and engineering. Usually, we engineers have an objective approach to problem-solving. We hate solving questions in a detailed manner and we always prefer shortcuts. So most students prefer objective type examinations.

Branches eligible:

    Only 4 branches are eligible:

  1. Civil Engineering (CE)

  2. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

  3. Electrical Engineering (EE)

  4. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (E&T)

This year 25 papers are available for candidates to choose from for the GATE examination.

The difficulty level of questions asked:

Most of the questions asked in preliminary exams are straightforward. Speed is the main factor in ESE. GATE questions are relatively tougher. The thought process is the main factor here. It involves multiple concepts that are too applied in the correct order. The real difficulty of the IES lies in its time constraints during the paper. The candidates have to solve 100 questions in 120 minutes in the GS paper and 150 questions in 180 minutes in the technical paper. 

The GATE exam is like a one-day match. You have only three hours and you have to give your 100% in those three hours. If you make some silly mistakes, then your game will be over.

ESE is like a test match. Like a test match, here you have a total of 5 papers (2 pre + 2 mains in 1 interview). So, if you performed poorly in any of the paper still you have a chance of a comeback.

Choices available:

The biggest relief in mains paper is the choices available for questions. In the objective exam, you have to solve all the questions, but in the conventional exam, you don't have to answer all the questions. You have choices. For example, in ESE out of 8 questions, you have to answer only 5 questions. So, you have options to leave the tougher one.

Main purpose

Main purpose of IES exam is:

  1. Central government jobs in various Engineering Departments under Govt. of India.

Main purpose of GATE exam is:

  1. Higher education (i.e., M Tech, Ph.D. etc.)

  2. Jobs in PSUs or Govt. Organizations.

  3. Other Lucrative Opportunities in Research & Development


Engineering Service Exam checks your perseverance, Clarity of mind, memory and speed. While GATE checks your analytical speed.

  • This above comparison will help the candidate to establish the further flow of how one can prepare for both exams simultaneously. The ESE prelims examination is conducted in January, whereas the GATE examination is conducted in February. As the exams are conducted so close by, one has to prepare for both ESE prelims and GATE together.

Tips to Prepare for the preparation of GATE and ESE 2022:

  1. Be Determined: A strong determination towards what you choose will take you a long way. Firstly, before setting up your journey for GATE 2022 you need to determine your path and set a goal so that you focus in the right direction.

  2. Start Early: As the notification of GATE 2022 is already out, without any further Procrastination the candidates need to start your journey. The reason being the syllabus is vast and the time is limited. Every single second matters. In addition, an early preparation will help you gain an edge over others by helping you cover your syllabus on time and ensuring that you have proper time for revision.

  3. Time Table: A predefined timetable will help you establish your goals more easily and comfortably. Along with ensuring that you keep a track of your preparation. So, it is recommended that you create a time table defining your current and future goals so that you can easily move towards your aim.

  4. Know the Syllabus well: In GATE 2022 notification several changes have been made in terms of syllabus. Therefore, you also need to ensure that you have properly read and understood the syllabus, to ensure that you do not leave anything unattended.

  5. Choice of Books: It has been observed that before starting the preparation the aspirants start accumulating the books thinking that more books/study material they will have better will be their preparation. However, we need to break this myth instead choose the best books and quality over quantity. Ekeeda is a renowned source of preparation and are designed as per the latest syllabus and pattern of the exam.

  6. Previous year questions: Previous Year's Questions are nothing but a blessing to the aspirants. The reason being these papers help you understand the nature and the pattern of the exam. By analyzing these questions, you can easily understand how the simplest of the questions are tricked into the complex ones. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you solve as many previous year question papers as you can so that you can get a grip on the pattern of the exam.

  7. Online Classes: During the COVID-19 situation where schools, colleges and educational institutes are being locked down for indefinite periods. Online classes have come as a rescue for the aspirants by allowing the aspirants to study and attend classes from the comfort of their home. Premier E-learning platforms like Ekeeda have also established their online platform allowing the students to get guidance from the experienced and renowned faculties. Candidates facing critical problems of What to prepare? How to prepare? From where to prepare? So, Ekeeda is here at your rescue! By providing the proper guidance and study materials to all the appearing candidates for GATE Exams. Aspirants can therefore subscribe to this eLearning platform to gear up their preparation. 

  8. Work on Developing Concepts: If your concepts are clear you can easily understand and tackle any kind questions. Be it MCQ, NAT or the newly added Multiple select questions (MCQs). The reason being the concepts form the pillar of any preparation. So instead of just mugging up things, work on understanding and developing the concepts. So that you can easily sail through the competition.

  9. Test Series: One of the vital aspects of exam preparation is test series. Test series help you gauge your preparation by helping you determine your strengths and areas of opportunity so that the same can be worked upon. It is highly recommended to take the test series in an exam-based environment in order to overcome the exam fear as well.

  10. Learn from your mistakes: Mistakes are the biggest teacher. You need to ensure that each time you commit an error; you make a note of it and understand what went wrong so that you do not commit that error again.

  11. Recreational Activities: If you are indulged in studies and not giving time to your mind and body to relax, the outcome will slowly start dropping. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take out enough time each day to allow your body and mind to rejuvenate. The activities may include Yoga, Listening to your favorite music, going for a walk, meditation or anything else of your interest.

So, these are some major areas that you can work upon before starting your preparation in order to get fruitful results and survive this cutthroat competition. All the best for your preparation from Ekeeda! We hope the above article by Ekeeda is helpful and informative to gear up your prescription.

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