18 Oct 2022

The Role Of Data Science In Gaming Industry

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The world is technology driven and it’s all about mobile phones and social media nowadays – it’s a different ballgame altogether. Gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are witnessing a slow death. Many gaming companies like EA Sports, PopCap, Sony, and Ubisoft are entering the gaming industry as a potential field, even creators and developers are migrating to the mobile revolution.

Sports companies have become an important segment of the worldwide entertainment sector, wherein more and more users are spending time playing games on mobiles, lightening down their moods, and entering contests to win prize money or even opportunities abroad. This is the level of scope the social mobile-driven gaming industry has for people across the globe. With over 3 billion active players all across the world, the global gaming industry stands at a whopping $200 billion for 2022-23.

The Global Gaming Industry 2022

Zynga – is a famous gaming company that has developed social media games such as Zynga Poker, Farmville, Chess with Friends, Speed Guess Something, and Words with FriendsGamix Labs designs & develops Pool games with exciting features that attract users.

Data Science And Data Analytics Is Fuelling The Growth In Gaming Industry

Data Science And Data Analytics Is Fuelling The Growth In Gaming Industry

This has resulted in millions of connections and thus, generates large data volumes. But while setting their foot on social media, there are a lot of details for sports companies to deal with.  Thus, the gaming industry needs data science to make efficient use of this petabyte of data generated by players across social networks. Data analytics will give gamers a new diversion to beat the competition. Data science techniques and tools in game production are one the great applications of data science. From creating AI systems to finding Machine learning algorithms, skilled data scientists use data sources from these profound learning games. This type of learning is appealing from data scientist's point of view as it will help in finding common ways to use the current sports project and design future programs and concept games.

Gamers are like…Eat! Sleep! Game! Repeat!

Role Of Data Science In Gaming Industry

A data scientist will create and examine ideas, plans and implement them to create valuable insights. They will conduct experiments to put them to the test. Data science create mathematical models and automation analytics system to score and experience the game. Well! For gamers who are data scientists are like icing on the cake to work in the gaming industry and even enjoy playing games, along with Data Mining, and modelling. Are you curious to learn more about data science?

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As data scientists, you will extract huge volumes of data, undertake significant data analytics, Predictable and Descriptive Models, data processing, and utilize ML techniques to process valuable data. If you love problem-solving, come up with creative ideas, and aspire to learn new things – it’s the right place for you. If you want to join the gaming industry as a data scientist & you’re interested in playing games, Data Mining, and modelling then take up a certified data science program now!

Role Of Data Science In Gaming Industry

A deep learning data scientist is a must who should be able to mine massive amounts of data, perform large-scale data analysis, and develop descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive models with the help of Deep Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms.

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What Do Data Scientists Do In Gaming Industry?

Data Collection

Since there are millions of gamers worldwide, it’s evident that data is obtained through the use of games. The basic concept is to track the data entered and record the user input on a real-time basis. The information will then help to produce the final result – such as final game points. Data scientists will deploy all the data sources from profound learning games to create AI systems and reveal transferable techniques. Also, data collection is used to repurpose marketing efforts & target audiences based on data analysis. Data will be used to assess games that are popular and on the verge of extinction. With such vital information, it allows any gaming firm to which a game needs promotion & better exposure in the industry.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is used to analyze and visualize service performances. It will convert data in order to identify possibilities that will improve user engagement & retention. Data analytics approaches will be employed to extract logical linkages, the latest trends, styles, and user behaviour models from Big Data sets in order to guide road maps, build automated detection systems & monitor their success.

Personalized Gaming Experience

When you sign up for online games, the database will catch your information. It will help in creating a player profile for a particular website or service. Location, age, gender, and key personal data will prove excellent tools to offer customized services, offers, and marketing, which is one of the driving forces for the industry. This potential data will help data scientists to create personalized gaming experiences, modifications, etc. in the game.


Maintain Game Curiosity

The gamer should have fun and he or she should be engaged in the game. Though it sounds easy, it’s’ quite a complicated and tedious process to implement. Data Science and Machine learning algorithms will monitor the engagement level of the users & thereby extract valuable insights based on it. These insights will be used to release the next version or updates, etc. This task of estimating the ‘fun & engagements’ is always speculative. The art is how data scientists will use the game data and insights extracted by Data Science and ML algorithms & make efficient use of it.

Fraud Detection

In the sports world, all actions & decisions are done quickly. The speed of all these operations increases the risk of fraudsters’ strong interest. As a result, businesses should avoid fraudulent conduct and also maintain the user experience intact. Safety and security are prime concerns across all industries.

In the gaming industry, there are a lot of player verification systems. The point is – those game producers are legally needed to employ player certification. Furthermore, multiple verification mechanisms will help detect malicious activities, dubious accounts, and behaviours. These tactics are employed to avoid identity theft - it’s common in visual gaming.

Payment fraud is quite prevalent in sports. Fraudsters create specialized bots to get important payment information. As a result, gaming companies will personal information and transactions should be kept as secure as possible.

Data Science and ML algorithms will help the game developers. Their application will help instantly detect suspicious behaviour. Since, the amount of data and the intensity at which they handle data, there are likely changes of fraudsters and unwanted risk – it's more automotive and effective.

Big Data in gaming will assist game production businesses to determine their players, preferences – such as how long they want to play, when they will play, and who they play with – since parts of the game are too difficult for them and help design metrics. Big Data - generated user profiles are built as a result to assess the type of players they will attract and what will let them abandon the game. All such things help the analyst to improve their gaming experience for players and assist gamers to become more familiar with game features.

Game Development Process

Technology is growing at a rapid pace. Thus, game creation has evolved more as an art form. Game design has become a trendy platform to display the work of successful creators. It’s a difficult way that necessitates a range of programming skills, Visualization and animation abilities. 

In the prior days, good visual effects would keep the gamers engaged; however, it is not as such. Details related to data gambling and technological developments will help to create an interactive game environment. Data from Game Analytics will be used to gather particular information on players, forecast gaming challenges, consultancy, and time. Data from the previous collections will get utilized to develop new gaming concepts, news, and gaming machines. 

Data analytics is used extensively in the gaming sector. Technology, finance, games, marketing, strategy – everything will help you generate revenue in the gaming industry.

Personalized Ads & Marketing

Customized ads or Marketing Tactics are quite active in varied kinds of industries to minimize inefficient, unwanted, and wasteful adverts. As marketers and game developers, both will be interested in customer-focused interactions that lead to the create valuable messages and their distribution to appropriate people. Personalized marketing in games will help them aid in attracting potential audiences.

It is always a good move to get valuable feedback from the users of a game. This feedback could be based on surveys, lead forms, etc., and involuntary through background processes and algorithms. Data Science and AI-based algorithms will help data scientists obtain the game's intricacies – such as play duration, genre preference of the gamer, Money made or spent in-game, and other such details. It helps to advertise & market certain specific features and add-ons to the gamer in a rather personalized way.

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Sources: Mango Solutions

Real-Life Instance Data Science In Gaming

Big Data is used by gaming companies to engineer and improve video games like Call of Duty (COD). Machine Learning and AI algorithms are widely used in the gaming industry. Activision Game Science Division (GSD) create Machine learning-based programs to detect power boosting & identify key indicator to increase engagement on COD. The GSD analyses the verification indicator data and communicates with the users on Twitter on collecting data across all COD tweets to inform decision-making on various features for games and players.

On A Concluding Note - 

The nation is rapidly inching towards total digitization, the future generations will be soaked in the world of technology, e-learning platforms, and gaming will make a paradigm shift in the way the world is influenced. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that the gaming industry will grow responsible and offer good quality content to gamers.

Next, the gaming industry is expanding at breakneck speed. The game's internal infrastructure is getting more sophisticated, and more exciting thereby giving additional chances for players. A totally new game universe and reality are designed. Top-class designs and Visualization Techniques, with the latest visual effects, graphic components & Augmented Reality effects will make sure that clients are fully thrilled and enjoy the game experience. Data science has entered a wide range of sectors and has catapulted various businesses to qualitatively new levels of development. Data science and associated techniques would help to streamline and enrich the gaming industry when used with proper strategy and planning.

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