28 Sep 2021

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Effective Tips To Boost Your Memory For GATE 2022 Exam

Folks, do you often struggle to remember difficult formulae, derivations, terms while studying for tests? If you’re preparing for GATE you need to have a good memory in order to score excellent marks in the exam. So, here are some proven techniques that will sharpen your memory and improve your GATE score.
GATE is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. GATE is conducted to offer admissions programs such as M.E/M. Tech/Ph. D in top-tier institutes like IIT, IIITs, NITs and CFTIs. Other than this, GATE acts as a doorway to the top Indian PSU jobs, pursues fellowship programs with a stipend or fly overseas for higher studies.
No, wonder it’s the most awaited competitive exam for the aspirants and they start preparing right from the third year for the examination. In the forthcoming year, IIT Kharagpur will the GATE 2022 Exam. The exam conducting body has released the official notification in August 2021. It will contain information regarding important dates, GATE Exam pattern 2022, syllabus, registration process, cut off and much more. The registration process will commence from September 2021. For more details, candidates can visit the official site of IIT, Kharagpur, or follow our latest blogs on
IIT Kharagpur has announced that the GATE 2022 will have the addition of two new subjects and from next year there will be a total of 29 papers/subjects. The two newly introduced subjects would be Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (Combined) And Geomatics Engineering.
Before you begin your GATE preparation, it's important you have good knowledge about the syllabus and exam pattern. It helps you understand which are the topics and sub-topics, the weightage, marking scheme, and how to reserve slots for particular topics and lay the preparation path.
Often candidates wonder how to prepare for the GATE exam? What should be the ideal GATE preparation strategy? How do we get things under control? Etc. Also, the GATE exam syllabus is quite vast so you need to memorize a lot of things such as – formulae, theorems, concepts, derivations, graphs, charts, etc. Memory power is always a topic of discussion amongst the lad who are preparing for the exam. Sharp memory is like a blessing for students and it’s a good sign of health and conditions. Memorizing skills are an essential part of a student’s life. If they wish to crack competitive tests like GATE, ESE, UPSC, etc. Although, it’s a must for every individual to keep their memory sound throughout their life.
In this blog, we will discuss some proven techniques that will boost your memory skills and let you score excellently in the
GATE 2022 exam.
Learn The Concept & Don’t Mug It
GATE/ESE preparation requires a lot of things to remember; however, don’t just memorize for the sake of the examination. It’s termed as ‘Mug Up’. Try and understand the concepts well and how to apply them in real-life instances or professional life. Simply mugging up for exams is not the right way of learning. If you want to get a good education, you should understand the concepts and information in the curriculum. So, understand the concept and information before you memorize things.
For e.g – If it’s a theorem, you should listen to the lectures and the implication of the formulae first. It will help you retain the information for a long time.

Read Out Loud & Clear
Never be shy of reading out loud while studies, especially the part that you want to memorize for the GATE exam. This way, you engage your auditory sense as well and it can act as a great help tool when recollecting in the examination hall. Reading out loud will help you memorize information quickly and easily.
Connect Things With Ideology
It’s called linking or chaining wherein you connect any term or idea with something that you already know or are easy to remember. For instance, you want to remember the features and the atomic number of Oxygen. Imagine you have a friend named Oliver. Best friends are like oxygen in life, he meets at 8 PM every day, and he loves being neat and tidy. Now you have the necessary information about Oliver – its atomic number (8) and properties (odourless)
Teach Things You Learn
This technique is quite efficient to learn complex theorems, derivations, and formulae. After you understand the thing, try to discuss it with your friends. Teach those who are in difficulty to understand. This way it increases your memorization power and interest in the subject. Also, while teaching others, you feel you’re dedicated to the GATE exam preparation. It helps you store and remember the concepts clearly.
Create Short Notes
Every individual has its own peculiar style of learning. So, taking short notes while you listen to GATE online classes or ready study material will help in retaining information quite effectively. When you create notes, you should focus on key points, numbers, and engage actively in listening to the videos or physical classes. You should memorize them every fortnight and refer them during the last 15 days of your examination. They are like breadcrumbs and help you achieve success in the exam.
Exercise Well & Stay Fit
GATE syllabus is quite vast, tiring, and mentally exhausting. You need long hours of sit, a lot of brainstorming, and other activities while studying. Regular exercise will keep your mind healthy and body fit. Regular workouts will make your brain activity quite efficient and absorbing towards new things. When you exercise your blood circulation increases thereby improving your memory power. Make sure you exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Hit the gym, go cycling, walking, and any form of exercise. You should include yoga and meditation to boost your brainpower and concentration.
Make Use Of Colours 
The human brain is attracted to colours and pictures more than words.  When you use colours in the GATE preparation strategy it will enhance your memory skills. Use highlighters, colour pens, or sticky notes to stand out any section, formula, or main points from the rest. When you highlight, the brain automatically catches the signal, focuses on it, and processes the information faster and better.
Use Pictures & Diagrams 
The human brain is receptive to pictures and visual elements. When you use tables, flowcharts, mind maps and diagrams in your short notes it will automatically recollect things faster and better. So, don’t ignore tables, charts, or diagrams in your GATE preparation since they’re easy to digest by the brain. Create your own pictures in the study material in your notebooks to improve your retention ship.
Use Chunks To Memorize
Break down the information you receive into meaningful chunks. It’s the most effective way to prepare for a competition like GATE. For instance, we memorize our phone numbers in chunks. We remember 977-352-80-71 rather than 9-7-7-3-5-2-8-0-7-1. It means we group the information in particular chunks so that we recollect it easily. In fact, when you organize your study plan based on the GATE exam syllabus, you will break down the complete information. By breaking complex information, you understand the concept faster and better.
Sleep After Studies
Experts say when you sleep after learning important topics it proves quite beneficial for you. Our brain process information and optimizes it during sleep. Make sure you go through short notes, formulae, derivations before going to bed. If you’re studying in the afternoons take a power nap after complex or brainstorming concepts. It will increase your memorizing power. Create a sleep routine and try to follow it religiously. Make sure you throw away all your worries aside and take at least 8 hours of sound sleep. "Feel the Inner Peace Reenergize Your Mind" seems to be ideal thought from KURL ON to follow. Sleep well to reenergize your brain and perform excellently in the GATE exam.
Healthy & Balanced Diet
Competitive exams like GATE require a lot of energy, brainstorming, and efforts to crack complex topics and formulae. It mentally and physically affects your health. In order to stay revitalized, it's important you follow healthy food practices. It’s advisable to eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods that will help you boost your memory power. You may opt for unhealthy snacks or sleep deprive energy drinks during long study hours, but that will badly affect your health. It’s better to have healthy food such as almonds, peanuts, blueberries, Dark chocolate, Turmeric, fruits, etc instead of munching chips and oily foodstuff.
We hope this blog will help you to develop an efficient learning process by boosting your memory. However, memory techniques alone will not help you crack the GATE 2022.  You need grit determination, time management skills, and hard work to overcome the barrier. It needs constant efforts towards every subject i.e clear the basic concepts, overcome the complexities, and score high in their GATE Examination.
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