14 Oct 2021

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How Do GATE Toppers Stand Out From The Rest? 

GATE is one of the most prestigious competitive exams in India; wherein lakhs of candidates appear for the exam with great motivation and dream to crack it. Some of these aspirants also become GATE toppers and kickstart for an astonishing career. 
GATE opens the doorway for some of the finest opportunities such as post-graduation or dream jobs in one of the biggest PSUs in India. You can even pursue research/fellowship programs, or fly overseas for higher studies. While for some individuals these dreams come true, for others, they might be shattered owing to the low success rates. No wonder, it’s considered one of the toughest competitive exams in India.

About GATE 2022
IIT, Kharagpur will conduct the GATE 2022 and the official notification was released on the site. GATE 2022 application was under process until 1st October 2021 (along with the late fee). Candidates had to register themselves on the GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) portal. GATE exam 2022 is likely to be conducted on 5,6, 12, and 13 February 2022.
The process of the GATE 2022 application form included GATE exam registration, form fill up, upload documents & photographs and pay the application fee for the examination. Only those candidates who have completed the
GATE 2022 registration before the last date will be issued a GATE admit card. GATE is one of the sought-after competitive exams conducted to screen candidates to offer admissions in M.E/M. Tech/Ph.D. at IIT, NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs. Besides, GATE acts as a doorway to secure jobs in the top Indian PSUs, pursue fellowship programs with a stipend or fly overseas for further studies. For more information candidates can – click here
To ace your GATE preparation online, download Ekeeda – India’s top tech educational app for engineering aspirants. Get access to GATE online courses designed by top educators from IITs and keeping in mind the latest GATE syllabus and trends. What’s more! Get access to PDF notes, mock test series, and live interactive sessions to clear your doubts then and there!
Our blog aims to help GATE 2022 aspirants know what it takes to become a GATE topper. Our blog will introduce you to things you need to avoid and follow to taste success in the forthcoming GATE Exam 2022:

Some Things You Need To Avoid To Be A GATE Topper
No Procrastination
Procrastination is like a termite, and if you procrastinate things it will eat up all your valuable time for preparation. Therefore, if you wish to really achieve that top spot, you need to buckle up and clear your doubts, fundamentals then and there. Sign up with Ekeeda – India’s top tech educational app for aspirants and attend live lectures to clear your doubts then and there. Move ahead with your GATE 2022 preparation with industry experts who have years of experience in preparing candidates for GATE and other competitive exams in India. Leaving the preparation for the last moment will make you nervous and reluctant because there is a whole lot of syllabus to cover and less time in hand. Buck Up Guys! 
Don’t Do Guess Work
It’s quite often, you’re being bombarded with loads of study material stuff by peers, professors, and colleagues. However, it is not as such that each book should fascinate you and you pick unwanted stuff. You may like some professors; however, it doesn’t mean you can get to the root of the concepts, or topics. Instead pick what is best for the exam. Also, if you do not understand any topic, do not leave it. Spend some extra time on it and understand its importance in the GATE examination. 
Never Settle For Less
GATE is one of the toughest competitive appear by millions of aspirants. If you settle for less, then you can’t be a GATE topper. You have to lit the fire inside you and keep burning till you achieve your goals. Well! While preparing for GATE 2022 there is a lot of syllabus that you need to complete, there are mocks and revisions, solving previous year questions papers, and more. So, mediocre thinking will act as a hurdle in your GATE preparation and you will end up leaving some topics and subjects which are high scoring from an exam point of view. 
Don’t Pick Random Study Material
Most individuals are either reluctant or too worried to complete the syllabus. Thye just run behind bookstalls and pick every book referred by family or friend. However, this is absolutely not fruitful. Instead, there is a lot of GATE online coaching and tech platforms like Ekeeda that provide GATE online courses designed by top educators. You can check the reviews, ratings, faculty experience, and then take a wise call. Ekeeda even provides a free trial wherein you can look at the pace, clarity, and accuracy of faculty through the sample videos and other sources.
Blindly Follow Your Friends 
Everything individuals will have its own peculiar style of learning stuff and it cannot be identical to other aspirants or friends. You cannot blindly follow your friends and prepare in their shadow. Instead, figure out your way of studies. Look how comfortable you are with particular online lectures or study material. Derive your style of learning, revision and create short notes. Lastly, give the GATE examination only if you are really passionate about it and wish to top the chart. Only then you will be a GATE topper!

[Read our Blog on How to Avoid Distractions While Studying for GATE 2022. Here are a few Simple and Best Tips you can Follow. Create Study Plan, Take Breaks, Stay Positive, etc.]
Few Great Tips That Will Help You to Top the GATE Exam
Know What You’re Doing
GATE toppers don’t attempt in fluke or luck by chance, they are self-aware and know why they are giving the exam. Which field or job prospects they’re looking for once they crack the exam, what are their ultimate goals, everything is planned. They have complete clarity on things, why they are doing it, and what results they expect to succeed in the exam.
Study Your Exam 
Before you prepare for the GATE exam, you should be thorough with the GATE syllabus and exam pattern, GATE Books, coaching centers, etc. The toppers make sure to study their exam & the prospects, and if it's in line with their goals or not. This helps them to focus on the exam during the whole preparation time. If they have to join any coaching center for guidance and preparation, they make sure to join only the best that have renowned faculties and good rankers for the GATE exam.
Learn From Your Mistakes 
Toppers are individuals who won’t give up so easily when they commit mistakes. Instead, they get up again and again, learn from their mistakes and come out strong. For GATE toppers, failure is not about sitting and crying over what they didn’t achieve. Instead, it's about learning from their failures and refuse to give up. It is your courage and determination that counts. If you attempt test series or previous year question papers, don’t let your low score decide your future. You will surely not make the same mistakes in the exam. So, make mistakes to learn more and come out strong! 
Take A Good Head-Start
Instead of waiting for the last-minute, the GATE toppers are the early birds who will begin their preparation beforehand, and right before the exam. It gives them enough time to read, revise, and give their best shot in the examination. Start preparing beforehand is good because you don’t have to leave the topic/subject due to its complexities or shortage of time. You have time, you can understand the concept and accordingly draft your solutions for it. The key to every topper’s success is early preparation. An early head-start definitely gives you an edge over the competition and lets you pass with flying colors.
Excellent Time Management Skills
Time and accuracy go hand-in-hand if you wish to secure the top spot in GATE. Time management is a great technique that something toppers develop through grit determination and hard work. They are fully sorted on when to take a break, when to stretch a bit, when to revise and when to give mocks, or take a power nap. Managing time in your lifestyle makes your body accustomed to the particular format and you become more efficient on things you do every day. Instead, of wasting time, think about what they wish to do next, and how effectively utilize the bonus time in hand. GATE toppers have a clear picture of the time regarding a month, week, days, and hours. They utilize every bit, whether travelling in metro trains or going for walk.  
Think More And Mug Up Less
Toppers believe in the power of knowledge rather than mugging up stuff and clear in the exam. Ultimately, they’ve set their professionals goals and wish to achieve brilliance. GATE exam is altogether a different ball game and needs to understand concepts & problem-solving methods rather than mugging it up. Questions are not repeated each year, so you cannot attempt with memorizing solutions to specific problems. Follow the GATE topper style and get more knowledge than marks.
Stay Motivated & Happy
Motivation is the key to happiness and more learning, and also sometimes it gets you through tough times. Working hard, grit determination is important; however, self-belief and motivation is something which GATE toppers have inbuilt quality. They are calm and confident about their approach. You should have the confidence to tell yourself that you have what it takes and can crack the exam with excellent marks. Self-motivation is like a mood booster and helps you face the storm. 
Healthy Food Practice
Well, everything above is a must if you wish to score good GATE score, one off-track and most important tip is to follow healthy food habits and keep your mind happy. A healthy body and mind will reap good results. So, make sure you develop good eating habits, stay away from tension, depression, or negative vibes. Take breaks, exercise well, and sleep enough to revitalize your brain. Don’t isolate yourself for GATE preparation. Hang out with friends and grab your favourite meal. For your body to stay healthy make sure you do some physical exercise such as yoga, running, walking, cycling, or exercising. Physical movement will help keep your body healthy and your mind fresh. 

[GATE Preparation Tips By Toppers – Keep your focus, constant revisions, complete syllabus, create your own notes, good study material, etc.]
Every aspirant wants to score maximum marks in the GATE examination and wishes to top the chart; however, he or she doesn’t know what GATE toppers do differently. Well, we have met several toppers and had a word with them, so these are some of the common things you can take note of. These pointers look easy and simple but they are difficult to practice. You might be uncomfortable in the beginning, but all goes well if it ends well. Once you’re used to the routine, you will follow it nicely. Eventually, you will come out as a winner in the GATE 2022 exam.
Online lectures and study material act as a boon for individuals who are intelligent yet introvert, the ones who stay at a remote location, and for ones where there is a dearth of expert faculty in their colleges/universities. You can book your favourite online videos and start learning any topic, anytime! Through mock tests, you can measure your performance and improve it on regular basis. Live sessions will help you clarify your doubts then and there to move up your GATE preparation ladder.
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Ekeeda wishes all the very the best to all the candidates who appear for GATE exam. We believe in providing best of the study resources at pocket-friendly prices. We hope that our guidance will act as a stepping stone to meet your dreams. For any queries you can get in touch with us at
We wish you all clear your GATE 2022 exam with flying colours
All the best!

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