12 Oct 2022

Six Compelling Reasons Why Data Science Is A Dream Career

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Data science has taken industries, processes, and companies by its storm. No industry or company today makes decisions without data science. It has become a must thing for every company to analyze and come up with valuable insights for businesses to grow and book high-profit margins. Data Science is a new rage and one of the hottest career fields in the current market scenario. There’s no doubt that it’s the dream career of the future since data science will stay here for a couple of years and contribute immensely to modern businesses and ventures. It will evolve with time, and there seems to be a bright future as data scientists for aspirants and working professionals. Data Science is very important for businesses to transform business data into potential assets, overcome hurdles and help organizations gain an edge over the competition. Data Science online programs offered by top edtech players like Ekeeda are excellent ways to take industry-relevant knowledge from fortune experts and become industry ready. Assignments, capstone projects, and 1:1 mentorship sessions will help individuals boost confidence and crack interviews in top-tech companies and starts ups across India.

Six compelling reasons why data science is a dream career

Companies Need Data Science Experts

Data Science Quote

Data is the new oil and companies need to gather data from customers, clients, and every portal. This is a voluminous amount of data. Experts say nearly 2 quintillions of data are generated worldwide and it's pretty massive. This data includes information about transactions, customer likes and dislikes, preferences, website interactions, payment details, and a lot more. But it isn’t easy for companies to manage data with a regular data entry operator. Definitely, they need data science experts who are pros in this business. Edtech players who offer data science online training programs information that companies are looking for data science experts with in-demand skills who will help them pre-process, analyze, wrangle, and come up with Data visualizations that will help them derive actionable insights. Nearly 50% of businesses aren’t able to categorize or analyze data stored which is raw but has high potential. Thus, one thing is foresure industry needs skilled data scientists at a massive scale and you’ll never fall short of job opportunities by choosing a data science career.

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Need For Data Privacy Regulations

Everyone knows the importance of data and there is always a threat of data breach. Companies realize the consequences of data breaches and if data is handled irresponsibly it might have serious consequences for their business. Thus, the industry is trying to come up with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will help prevent data breaches and be responsible for data management.

General Data Protection Regulation

Therefore, companies will be in need of more and more skilled data scientists who will help regulate policies and frameworks to prevent data leaks, data privacy, and every form of the Data breach.

Data Evolves Constantly

Data is creeping up enormously and if not streamlined can turn into a giant monster that might lead to the success or failure of the business. It’s constantly evolving and to make sense and align with business goals industry needs skilled data scientists. The Data science revolution and data evolution will bring opportunities galore for aspirants and working professionals. Data science job titles will be more specific and niche in the coming years. Data science is still not at its peak and will evolve in various forms in the near years. This is a sign that there will be abundant job opportunities for candidates with excellent data science skills.

Outburst in Data Science Jobs

Ever since data has been the mainstream form of art to design business strategies and change its dynamics, experts say there has been tremendous growth in the demand for skilled data scientists who can contribute to the overall growth of businesses.

Data Science Jobs Growth

and there will be nearly 11.6 million data science jobs by 2026. Thus, you can start learning data science today and build a strong foundation for tomorrow.

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Source: Springboard India

Prestigious Career In Data Science

Along with jobs, there is a lot of prestige in the field. Potential talent and in-demand skills are nearly worshipped by the industry. Since data scientists deal with Data enrichment and making it better to enhance the growth of the company they have immense respect. It’s the data scientists who will process, analyze and come up with valuable insights for the company. Thus, they are looked upon with respect and prestigious data science career.

Data Science Spreads Its Arms

Data Science is not restricted to finance or IT. Data science is used in various fields like banking, healthcare, e-commerce, banking and finance, logistics and shipping, etc. By pursuing a data science career and getting equipped with in-demand data science skills, you can get a chance to work in the industry of your dream and desire. If you have the passion to become a data scientist, you can achieve new zeniths in life, and that too in your dream field or industry.

Data Science In Various Fields

Today, millions of candidates in India want to work as data scientists and put in a lot of hard work, and effort to upgrade their existing skills through universities or data science online courses that are self-paced and industry-oriented. However, there are a lot of hurdles in the real world related to working out and deriving solutions to a business problem. Other than technical, even non-tech skills like good communication, team player, proactive to take up challenges and solve them are also important to working as a data scientist.

Data Science is one of the most prominent career choices for both aspirants and experienced professionals. Aspiring professionals of any education background like HR, Sales & Marketing, Finance, etc. with strong analytical mind-sets are the ones who could make a beautiful career in Data Science including:

  • IT Professionals

  • Analytics Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Banking & Finance Professionals

  • Marketing Managers

  • Supply Chain Network Managers

  • Bachelor’s or MBA graduate

If you are planning to kick start your career in data science – join the Ekeeda data science program designed by industry experts with live project training. 1:1 mentorship will help you clear all your doubts. Assignments and capstones will give you hands-on practice and enough confidence to speak during interviews with top tech and start-ups. Career-building workshops, mock interview sessions, and resume writing sessions with further boost your confidence. The placement assistance team will help you grab dream job opportunities in top data science companies in India.

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