06 Dec 2022

Some Popular Data Scientists Jobs 2023

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The Data Science industry is growing exponentially and simultaneously changing at a massive scale. With technology, big data, and software advances, the value of data and employees who work with BIG data is increasing. Students have excellent access to top data science courses online and resources more than ever, and many tools are available to aspirants who are interested in pursuing a career following graduation. Data Science aspirants are being recruited and hired in high numbers due to the demand for skilled professionals who know the in and out of data science. There have been a lot of technological advances and new trends followed in the data science field. To stay tuned with the latest tech developments is the need of the hour.

What Is Data Science

Data science is the study of data to extract meaningful insights for business. It’s an approach that combines principles & practices from the fields of mathematics, statistics, AI, and computer engineering to analyze large amounts of data. This analysis will help data scientists to ask and answer questions like what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what can be done with the results. Data Scientists utilize analytics, statistics, and software to manage massive amounts of data and will work at various stages of these large data sets along with other professionals to solve a problem. Data science is a broad technology field that will encompass multiple fields, industries, and data interpretation structures. Data is a vital asset for any business; however, unless you use it efficiently its’ of no use. Data science is something that turns vague data into quite intriguing and meaningful insights that will be used to make crucial business decisions.

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Are Data Scientists In Huge Demand?

Yes! LinkedIn's emerging jobs report says, ‘There will be 11.6 million data science jobs by 2026’ and this throws open a massive opportunity for young aspirants and working professionals to elevate their careers. Data scientist jobs will experience 36% growth between 2021-2031, which is much faster than the average 8% for all occupations. This will tend in an annual increase of 30 lakhs jobs per year.

Data Scientists Jobs Will Experience 36% Upsurge From 2021-31

Data Science Jobs typically have a median salary of ₹16.7 lakhs. Statistics, Mathematics, Programming, and Project development are very important fields involved in data science. An increasing value is due to the demand for big data for nearly all industries such as healthcare, banking, finance, shipping and logistics, IT, power, construction, etc.

Here are the top Data Science jobs in 2023 for you:

Data scientists will be necessary for companies across India to optimize quality and financial growth. Some famous data scientists jobs roles include data analysts, data engineers, data architects, ML engineers, and BI engineers. Let’s take a look at some of these roles in detail:

Data Analyst

Data analysis is the most promising field that will collect, evaluate, review, and organizes data. He or she will look to organize the data and conduct statistical calculations in a way that will help find the latest trends in the data as a way to solve client problems. It can even help employers and help them take important business decisions.

Median Salary - ₹ 4-6 Lakhs

Data Engineer

Data engineers build systems that will automatically collect, store, manage and analyze varied data chunks. It will other data scientists and mathematicians further look at the latest trends and patterns for data interpretations. They will also make the data easy to understand and digest so that the data collected could be efficiently processed and used to inform that will help the company or customers.

Median Salary - ₹8-10 Lakhs

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Data Architect

Data architect as the name suggest will create plans for systems that will manage and organize data. An architect will consider a company’s plan or strategies to solve a particular problem. He or she will look to construct a system that will digest information and present it in an easily understandable form so that other data scientists or specialists will take data to derive trends & patterns. They will want to make data accessible to those who need to process it so that companies will quickly defeat the problem using data to solve it.

Median Salary - ₹20-25 Lakhs

Famous Data Scientists Jobs 2023

Machine Learning Engineer

ML engineers who design the entire architecture for AI programs to interact with large data sets are in great demand. These engineers usually work with other data scientists and programmers to create AI programs. It can help detect data patterns, filter data sets for important contents, and conduct algorithmic calculations to decode the meaning of data collection. ML engineers mainly specialize in programming applications that will stand alone and automate processes with ML and AI strategies.

Median Salary - ₹10-15 Lakhs

Business Intelligence Engineer

BI engineers design, install, maintain and develop data systems that will analyze large data chunks for financial and business purposes. It creates interfaces that allow easy access and data digestion for employees to conduct relevant data tasks. They can even work on other systems like databases and dashboards on which users will interact to evaluate the data cluster inefficient and comprehensive way.

Median Salary - ₹15-20 Lakhs

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How To Prepare For Data Science Career?

Data Science Online courses, bootcamps, university courses, workshops, certifications, and many other routes are available to prepare for a career as a data scientist. You can find courses and degree programs from top edtech players like Ekeeda and other resources to pursue online certification, internships, or job opportunities.

Gain Experience

There are several ways to get your foot and start gaining experience to prepare for the best jobs in data science. If you opt for the data science program, some of your courses will be practical projects that require the completion of hands-on activities and projects. You will use these to build a portfolio you can present at the time of the interview. Open source development is another way to get relevant experience. Open-source programs let users access the source code of softwares. You can apply your programming skills to open-source programs and relevant changes to the software that you already use. Applying your skills to regular applications will be a great way to display your knowledge and software understanding.

Attend Hackathons

Hackathons and data science competitions like HackerEarth, Machinehack, IDAO, TechGig, Topcoder are great ways to test your skills against others in your field and collaborate with the team on a given project. These are excellent platforms to gain enriched experience for people who look to get into the data science field. It shows teamwork, pressure handling, and leadership skills that will look great on your resume.

Tips To Make A Career In Data Science


Ignite Your Passion

With a willingness to learn and determination, anyone who is interested in a career in data science can learn and grow into a potential asset for a company. By taking up the relevant course you can give you the skills and knowledge you need to start. The minimum requirement for data scientists would be a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject such as IT, computer science, or mathematics. A Master’s is also a welcome move.

Take Up A Certification

One of the best ways to push your career in data science is to be certified by reputed edtech players in various in-demand skills and systems. Some important skills include – communication skills, analytical knowledge, team player, good listening, and active learning. Being certified in a particular data science program will show your expertise and thorough understanding of the concepts and tools. If you have a specific position in mind, you can see what all tools and systems do you require.

How To Learn Data Science?

Assignments and capstones are as important as the video lectures and this will help you gauge where you rank in terms of knowledge-seeking in Data Science. Accordingly, you can search for a data science course online and start learning today! Definitely, data science stands out to be the hottest career in the 21st century. Along with a higher package, the best data science jobs offer you excellent growth opportunities, prestige, and security. You can explore various opportunities and even move overseas based on your project and company needs.

Ekeeda is a great place to explore a certificate in data science for you. This data science course online offers hands-on exposure to key technologies such as R, Python essential for ML, Deep learning, MLOps, and Stats for ML, through live interaction with world-class data practitioners, practical labs, and industry-aligned projects. What’s more? Resume-building and profile-building sessions will help you boost your confidence and prepare for interviews with top data science companies in India. Once certified you have a great chance to get hired at top data science companies like Datascope, Tiger Analytics, Cloudera, Konstant Infosolutions, Colan Infotech, December Labs, BCG Gamma, Brainvire, Palantir, Addepto, Appsilon, IBM, Yalantis, Peerbits, etc.

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