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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Blockchain Technology

Technology is moving at breakneck speed! Every morning you get up and you'll find a new innovation taking place somewhere on the earth. And, if you’re still stuck in editing Java codes or mess up with PowerBuilder, you are probably living in the old era of few employees. Things have drastically changed today. You need to take an initiative and move ahead with revolutionary technologies wherein “Blockchain” stands to be the front runner. Before you get deeper into the concept of blockchain, you may want to know why blockchain is gaining so much fame and how to learn blockchain technology? Relax! At Ekeeda – India’s top tech educational app you will get answers to all your questions and by the end of this blog, you will get complete clarity on this unique and swift digitalized ledger technology.
What Is Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain technology is simply defined as distributed digitalized ledger technology that enables legitimate and extremely secure transactions through the concept of a point-to-point network. It was first introduced in 2008 and was practically implemented in 2009 as the technology to use Bitcoins. Since then, blockchain has seen no stopping and has increasingly been useful in a lot of domains. After bitcoin, there have been many kinds of cryptocurrencies being operated on a blockchain network. The data on a blockchain cannot be modified, which makes it a legitimate disruptor for industries like payments, cybersecurity, healthcare, industrial processes, financial sector, entertainment, etc.
Asia’s Richest Person Backs “Blockchain Technology”
In an interview at the Infinity Forum, hosted by International Financial Services Authority (IFSCA), virtually from the GIFT City, Mukesh Ambani, CMD, Reliance Industries said, "India is witnessing a digital-first revolution and the country is on the verge of building a digital society.
Emphasizing on Blockchain techniques he stated, "Blockchain is a technology I believe in and it’s different from crypto. I think smart token is making sure that you are creating transactions that can never be changed. It is a very important framework for just and trust-based transaction and trust-based society, which is a prerequisite for all of us. A data privacy bill and a cryptocurrency bill are in the pipeline and we have welcomed the moves by the government and praised the progress made so far. Today, we are witnessing the fourth revolution – that is the digital-first revolution, where digital will be life for billions of people – which will be used in all technology – five or six kinds of technology will merge together, they will transform the whole world," the Reliance top boss added. He further added that data is indeed the new Oil and it is for everyone, every person can be the owner and use it."
Explore our blog and see how the investment of your time in learning blockchain will help secure your future. Ekeeda offers the
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If you’re still not convinced and looking for the possible reasons to invest time to learn Blockchain with a view to being the user, investor, or developer?

Here are 10 reasons why technology is good for your career:

  1. Steady And Better Job Prospects

With over 150% year-on-year job growth in blockchain technology from 2015, now is the right time to strike the chord and advance your career into blockchain concepts. Nearly, half of the growth in demand is for individuals who have a clear and precise understanding & communicate the value proposition of blockchain. This will eventually lead to change in economic, financial, accounting, legal, ethical, business IT, and strategic project management dimensions of blockchain in all types of industries. Gain the new-age skills to meet this growth in demand at Ekeeda – India’s top tech educational app. Our blockchain online course will cover what is blockchain technology, Cyrptography, Bitcoin Architecture  & Monetary Policy, Tokenization, Types of Blockchain, Use Cases Of Blockchain, Ethereum Introduction, Solidity Programming, Truffle Suite, and more. Enroll now and start learning blockchain technology with us today!

  1. Gives The Elevation To Your Career

Due to the ever-upgrading technologies, covid-19 lockdown situations, and lots of other factors, the mere degree is like half the battle won. If you really want to outsmart the competition, you will need to look beyond the horizons of your current career and explore new possibilities in blockchain technology. Applying your existing skillset and with a specialist blockchain course, is what helps you advance into a high paying salary mode. Some examples of careers in blockchain include blockchain developers, designers, engineers, legal consultants, and project managers. At Ekeeda, you’ll graduate with the new skills to pursue your astonishing career in a variety of business sectors, including finance, supply chain, government agencies, and more. The future of business is decentralized. Study online now, and get ahead of what’s next with the Blockchain Certification Course at Ekeeda.

  1. Revolutionises A Range Of Industries

Since blockchain technology has a promising application in the industrial sector, it serves as the hottest job prospect in the sector. Blockchain technology and network prove to be the perfect stage to monitor and manage industrial operations such as supply chains, management, etc. For instance, shipping companies have already deployed blockchain techniques to track their vessels, containers, consignments, etc. They have untampered and correct information about the locations of their trailers, and complete access on it 24X7. Also, supermarkets like D-MART and shopping malls like Lifestyle, Biz Bazaar are exploring blockchain applications so that they can create a system to track products, accessories in their journey from manufacturers to all the way to the stores. Many industries and sectors such as healthcare, real estate, power & energy, banking & finance, retail outlets, construction, etc. have started the process of integrating blockchain techniques in their daily operational activities.

  1. Integrates With The New-age Technology

Blockchain offers all the universal infrastructure that is flexible to integrate anytime and anywhere with all sorts of old as well as new technologies. It has various applications in the domains and subdomains of voting, banking, commodity trading, retail chain management, real estate, pharmaceutical companies, supply chain management, etc. In addition to this, the concept of blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and distributed ledger systems work perfectly well for the Internet of Things (IoT). This is an added booster to technology integration and provides seamlessly services across the operation.

  1. Keeps The Aspirants At the Forefront

With skill acquisition in blockchain-enabled businesses, you will be placed at the forefront of the operations, which will make the otherwise stagnant industries movable ahead and lead to improved business models. This skill set will enable you to advance into senior roles, and also position you at the forefront of the dynamic business changes. As a blockchain expert, you will be the key decision-maker in business collaboration, technology implementation, and reshaping supply chain management. You will also play a key role in advancing our company/firm in the new age of cybersecurity, sustainability, and governance. With Ekeeda Blockchain certification course, you will be equipped with the industry-led skills to lead at the frontier of the modern age digital economy.

  1. Blockchain Offers Robust Digital Identity

There is hardly anyone left out amongst us, except for our grandparents who may not use digital banking or transaction. But along with the convenience comes threats from notorious hackers with millions of possibilities to carry out cybercrimes. This has made our digital identifies unsafe at any given point of time. Many incidents of hacks and frauds were reported wherein hackers could crack into the system and retrieve your passwords, ids, and other personal information to misuse it. Blockchain will introduce a strict cryptographic system where it will be impossible to hack and access information. Individuals’ digital identities will stay intact and there will be only a ‘Single’ identity that can be used anywhere, anytime. One cannot do digital fraud by creating fake identities, because every digital identity will be verified and recorded on the blockchain.

  1. Blockchain Provides Complete Cybersecurity

As blockchain is a decentralized and distributed record system, the information is not stored at a central location. In fact, it is distributed to its rightful owner and secured with a cryptographic encryption technique. It becomes easier for hackers to crack the information and confidential information when it's stored collectively at a particular location. Only the individual to whom the personal details belong will be able to access it and control its uses. Thus, by the implementation of the blockchain system, people’s digital identities will be impossible to hack and the operations/transactions will be safe and secure.

  1. Blockchain Offers A Universal Infrastructure

With the inception of block-chaining data records and distributed ledger technology (DLT), a new format of universal infrastructure system comes into existence. It means any type of business or organization that uses blockchain technology with DLT has a networking and data infrastructure on a universal platform. Businesses can have blockchain as their mainstream operational system or use it as an add-on technique. In any case, blockchain will be available as a universal layer or infrastructure via which data or information will be transferred from point A to B anytime, anywhere on the globe.

  1. Blockchain Proves To Be Inflection Point

Today, the world has seen revolutionary technologies securing spots in the market such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Blockchain is believed to be a similar kind of technology movement. This has created an inflection point where many big players like Accenture, IBM, Master & Visa cards, SBI, TATA consultancy, J.P.Morgan, Wipro have integrated with blockchain technology. It means in no time, blockchain has gained popularity and widely accepted technology. The technique will flood open gates for hundreds of new and aspiring career opportunities. And so, it's better to ride on this trending tech wave and make the most for your successful career and secure future.

  1. Brings Equitability To Entertainment Industry

The Entertainment industry such as music, movies, web series, or books has always been disappointed by the distribution system of their content online. There are a lot of middlemen, who create a wider gap between the creator and the consumer; thereby swallowing a fat amount of money. This leaves the content creator with hardly any profits or so sometimes even lack actual costs. This stands unfair to the content creators who have shown grit, determination, and invested their valuable money, time, and passion for the project. “Blockchain”, is the perfect solution to weed out the middlemen from the process of content distribution to the audiences. Creators can directly send copies of their enriched content to the consumer. For instance, we use apps like Saavn, Hotstar, Netflix, Spotify to watch movies and listen to songs are the perfect examples of it.

  1. Blockchain Contributes To Ecological Balance

Blockchain has extended its arm in the energy and resources sector. Global warming has been a grave issue and it's going to be a serious problem in the years to overcome. The most important thing is to take a step ahead to control the release of toxic emissions, cutting of trees, and more. UN’s IPCC body has implemented strict laws framed up that monitor emissions from industries and processes. Blockchain can help by registering emissions across the globe and keeping a track of limits for companies. It will make sure no industry should violate the rules and dispose off environmentally harmful substances in the most secure and guidelines.
We hope through our blog, you must have understood what is blockchain technology and find enough reasons to learn one of the most in-demand technology and take it as a profession. Study and get the best blockchain jobs in the business!
If you wonder, how can I learn blockchain no worries, we can help you. To explore the blockchain certification programs,
chat with our experts, and find the best blockchain certification course that fits your career needs.
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