16 Jun 2021

Five Tips To Avoid Distractions For The GATE 2022 Exam

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How To Avoid Distractions For GATE 2022 Preparation? Follow These 5 Quick Tips

Every year around 1 million students attempt for GATE Exam. So, no doubts it’s categorized as one of the toughest examinations in the nation. It needs sheer determination and hard work from the candidates to clear in their first attempt. Due to the vast GATE syllabus, often candidates need a lot of focus and long study hours to clear the topic or particular section of their GATE subject.

Also, while on one side of the coin technology has very well intercepted our lives, the other side it becomes easy for us to get distracted from it. Today, instead of sitting and studying for hours as planned, we happily dive into our phones or laptops, watching videos, checking social media accounts, or might end up playing games. But the basic remains the same - you cannot achieve your academic goals if you stay distracted all the time. To avoid these distractions while preparing for the GATE 2022 Exam, we will have to understand what are these distractions? And how to avoid distraction while studying for the GATE exam 2022.

Let’s first go through the most common distractions in your GATE preparation:

Phones & Laptops

While phones and laptops may play a significant role in our lives, they are also a common and easy cause of distraction; mainly procrastinating things. Often candidates get distracted and end up wasting at least an hour or so of time snapping into them. These crucial hours which could be beneficial for concept clearance, cracking a formula, or revision could be wasted by watching series, visiting social media profiles, playing games, or do window shopping online.

Friends And Family

GATE Competitive exam needs you to put at least 3-4 hours a day for rigorous preparation. Often candidates understand the intensity and isolate themselves for studies; however, their friends or family won’t get it. These people can easily distract you by often calling or messaging or talking at a length about unwanted things. Many times your friends or family might plan for clubbing, travelling, or trekking - this can also easily distract you.

Social Media Platforms

As discussed earlier, it might be the most useful tool to gather information, stay posted with things, or at times use it for learning online; however, it can prove to be an important source of distraction. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Messengers, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime are some of the most dreadful distractions during your crucial time of studies.

Health Conditions

GATE preparation requires long study hours, better focus, and sitting at a length for studies. If you don’t eat on time or practice healthy food habits, it can lead to tossing your health. Since most of the aspirants' study late at night, they don’t realize that they aren't sleeping properly. Make sure you sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Otherwise, you will feel dizzy and won’t be able to focus throughout study time.

Here Are Few Essential Tips To Avoid Distraction For GATE examination:

Work Out A Plan

No matter what, a good plan can always help you to rescue from odd situations. So, make a study plan before you start your GATE preparation. You should know how to utilize your day, week, or month. Divide your entire day, right from early mornings to afternoons, and evenings to midnights. Every hour, every minute matters in your GATE exam preparation. Try to figure out which part of the day you focus more and make sure you complete your toughest topic during that time. When you wake up the next day, you should know exactly what needs to be done. When you have a plan, it is easier to concentrate and be more productive. Make sure you complete the entire GATE syllabus, and consistently revise topics for better retention.

Optimum Use of Smartphones

Although, smartphones can cause a lot of distractions; however, in these pandemic times it is the best tool to ace your GATE preparation. Top educational platforms like Ekeeda provide GATE online lectures from expert faculty for you. Once you sign up, you can add these GATE subject-specified lectures and start learning any topic, anytime! What’s more? You can clarify your doubts through live lectures and climb up the preparation ladder. Thus, smartphones could really act as a blessing in disguise for GATE exam 2022 preparation if utilized in the right way. Lock all your games, applications, movies and study hard.

Take Sufficient Breaks

It’s not a mandate to isolate yourself and cut down from the world for months to study for the GATE examination. While you do need to prepare with full focus, you should also take essential breaks from studies. You can always take a few minutes break such as playing with your pets, have a word with your loved ones, take a walk, or so.

Reward yourself for every topic or section you have completed well before time, for every performance booster in your test series. You may watch an episode of your favourite series/movie or hang out with your friends, one fine evening on the beach, or chill at the café. It will help you freshen up your mood and bounce back with more focus & power. It will increase your productivity and you can study with full sincerity.

Stay Always Positive And Happy

Preparing for GATE will mentally exhaust you, so it's important to stay happy and positive in this learning phase of your life. It will be difficult to stay motivated all the time, but taking breaks & coming back with more focus power will help you overcome the barriers. You gotta believe in yourself, that you will be able to clear the GATE with excellent marks. You can listen to topper's interview or read on the internet some motivational stories to keep avoid any stress distractions.

Distance Your Friends & Relatives

Like we said earlier, most of the family members are only to distract and demotivate you. Some friends will only sit and do unwanted talks at a length, so it's better to keep them at the bay. Try and maintain a distance from people who demotivate you and won’t let you focus on your studies. A formal hi-hello is sufficient with them. You should quickly walkout from the place and snap in your study room or take a walk to lighten your mood for better concentration.

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