25 Sep 2021

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How To Pick The Best Online Course For GATE 2022?

Over the last couple of years, web-based learning has gotten into the mainstream and has replaced conventional teaching practices. Also, due to the Covid-19 crisis, more and more individuals now rely on online coaching platforms that incorporate creative ways to make studying simple and efficient for the candidates. The best part about virtual classes is that you can upgrade your abilities and skills for the GATE examination through different online courses available on the GOOGLE.
The assistance of web-based learning has now reached every nook and corner of the nation. Without any barriers, you can now get prompt outcomes that improve your technical skills and help you gain knowledge on various topics. You can get access to GATE online lectures, PDF notes, mock tests, model test papers, and even live lectures to clear your doubts. This is a big benefit over conventional learning. Online courses are a reliable, reasonable, and re-invented form of the traditional education system. Embrace the technology and make the most of it.
For GATE 2022, there are a lot of GATE online coaching centers; however, it's important to choose the best one wisely. Hundreds of app and tech platforms claim to be the best, only to disappoint you once you download or sign up with them. Poor video quality, inexperienced faculty, incomplete study material you can face a whole lot of stuff once you pay for the videos and study material.
Relax! We are here to help you. We will provide some advice that will help the candidates in choosing the best GATE online courses and score excellent marks in the highly competitive exam in India - GATE 2022

  1. Course Structure

Before you register for any GATE online course, the first thing you should watch out for is the course structure that they follow. Taking online classes that won't focus on the important sections of the GATE exam will be waste of time, money, and energy. GATE syllabus is vast and it has to be streamlined in advance if you wish to reap the benefits. So, with the syllabus of the exam, match the course structure of the online course.
In course structure, you should give attention to important topics. Check what all is being offered and if all the high-scoring topics are covered in the course material or not. Before you book your courses, here are some checklists you can follow -

  • Does it include only classes or complimentary quiz or mock test

  • Does it provide enough practice questions?

  • Is there any doubt clearing sessions?

  • What is the video length?

  • Is the faculty experienced and matches your learning style

  • Is there any study material such as PDF notes to refer

  • How flexible the course is?

Once you figure out answers to such questions only then you should opt for suitable online courses

  1. Faculty Experience

It's is extremely important that the subject being taught in the online coaching for GATE 2022 is taken by experienced professionals. Most platforms or apps cater to newcomers. We are not saying that they should not be given a chance. However, videos should have a fine touch of experienced faculties to overcome the barriers. A good faculty should help you understand the topic and clear your doubts. An experienced faculty will take you through the in and out of the GATE exam syllabus and make sure the subject is being taught in an exact manner in sync with the syllabus.
An experienced and engaging faculty play an important role in preparing you for the
GATE exam. Well! You just cannot compromise and settle for less because the course is offered at a lesser price. Look for reviews/ratings of the faculty and find out their experience in teaching a particular subject and preparation for GATE or other competitive exams.

  1. Techniques

Every online course will have its own peculiar style of presenting the study material. While some GATE online courses provide videos, you may also look for innovative methods being adopted by GATE 2022 online coaching centers. It will help you better understand the concept with the application. Using videos, animation, real-life examples can be a great and easy way to learn concepts if incorporated well by GATE online coaching centers.
While the technique is important, it should again be simple and easily understood. Complex teaching practices, too high-profile words will make it difficult for you to study online. You might get frustrated and just lose focus on your studies. Also, if there are too many troubleshooting issues and lesser time to study then it may piss you off. So, look for GATE online courses that use innovative yet simple techniques that are universally accepted and supported by all kinds of devices, browsers such as laptops, computers, tablets, or smartphones. Overall, you should get access to all the online resources easily and teaching should be simple & easy-to-understand.

  1. Price Element

While GATE online classes are less expensive compared to conventional coaching centers, there are various options available in the market to pick from. Find out your preferred GATE online classes that won't burn a hole in your wallet. While making sure you stay within the budget, don't compromise on the faculty teaching practices, course material as well. You are required to find a suitable solution between your price band and engaging content quality. It should give enough push to at least clear your GATE examination in the first attempt.
Along with the price, take care of the duration and flexibility of the online course. If you're a working professional you need to manage both your studies and job. So, make sure your content is engaging, easy, and gives a wonderful learning experience at the best prices. With Ekeeda, you can take a free trial and experience the teaching techniques - pace, clarity, and accuracy of concerned educators through the sample videos and other sources. Also, you will get unbelievable low prices. Sign up with the best online coaching for GATE today!

  1. Jot Down Your Needs

While all the points mentioned are important, in the end, you need to set a baseline for your desired online course. Before booking any course figure out what is your aim, how much time is left for GATE, is there sufficient practice material, is there any GATE test series, are there live sessions to enhance your preparation, Is the GATE syllabus for a specific subject covered thorough in the online course? these are few questions that you need to jot down and find answers
There are various online courses offered by tech educational platforms. Some common learning material for GATE exam 2022 & competitive like IES would be -

  • Pre-recorded video lectures

  • Live lectures to clarify your doubts

  • Test series to evaluate the performance

  • Concepts clarity through PYQPs

  • PDF notes

Based on your requirements and timeline in hand you can choose the course that will ramp up your GATE preparation. Ask this question in your mind before picking up your online course:

  • How long do you want to spend learning with online classes?

  • What topics are you interested in getting access?

  • Do you want study material or not?

  • Who is the faculty? And what is the experience?

  • Is there any merit holders from a particular online platform?

While online classes have gained good momentum, it's important to choose the best one for your GATE exam preparation. Learning has become simple but you need to choose your preferred online course with utmost care. It should be worth every penny spent and lastly, it's important you spend your time judiciously on a particular course.
Focus on GATE exam preparation and aim to crack in your first attempt.
Good luck!

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