24 Sep 2021

What Is Digital Marketing & Benefits Of Online Digital Marketing Courses

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What is Digital Marketing And What Are The Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Courses?

Today, we live in an age where things are available at the click of a button. There is a mobile app for every need – Food, clothes, groceries, electronic gadgets, flight tickets, cab, etc. We can buy or book anything via smartphones. Since the advent of the internet, the world has accelerated its pace and it has gone far ahead & faster than it was before. It's astonishing to see how it has altered our day-to-day lives, making them better and easier to live.
Our world is now digitalized, and so are the businesses. Customers look for brands that can keep up with the digital pace and give them instant & perfect solutions.
In this competitive world, where every business is trying to gain an edge over the competitors, it’s a must to build a unique identity. To fulfill the digital needs of the consumer and give the right path for businesses to grow exponentially, digital marketing has become the need-of-the-hour.

What is Digital Marketing?
Traditional marketing was a painstaking job - to deploy human resources, print advertisements, put up hoarding, and organize events to create a buzz amongst the customers about your brand. It would take a long time to recall your brand. Digital marketing is an advanced technique that has significantly taken over traditional marketing.
Digital marketing refers to the advertisement of products or services through digital platforms such as search engines, websites, social media posts, email, or mobile apps. Using these online media tools and digital marketing techniques, companies endorse their goods, products, or services. Due to this internet-driven world, today consumers heavily rely on digital means to research and get information about the products. Experts suggest around 50&% of consumers rely on search engines and google ads to trust a particular brand or product. It seems modern-day digital marketing is a wide system of channels to which markets should simply onboard their brands. However, online advertising is much more complex than it seems to appear. To enjoy the true pulp of digital marketing, marketers have to dig deep into the vast and intricate cross-channel world to discover new plans and unique strategies to make an impact through engagement marketing.
Engagement marketing is the most efficient method wherein we aim to develop meaningful interactions with potential and return customers based on the data collected over time. By engaging customers on the digital landscape, you build brand awareness, display your brand as solutions, and place your business at the forefront to drive customers to buy it. Through efficient digital marketing strategy, marketers can collect valuable insights on the target audience behaviours, age, spending patterns, etc. Companies with good strategies and plans will retain an average of 80-85% of their customers compared to companies with poor media plans.
The future of digital marketing surely seems promising with the variety of wearable devices available for them. Forbes forecasts that social media will be more conversational in the B2B segment. Video content will occupy search engine optimization (SEO) purpose and email marketing will become lucrative to the audience. Digital is now the crux of marketing - it has moved from ' One of the things marketers should do' to 'The thing marketers will do first'

Digital Marketing For Professionals
Digital marketing is one of the most promising skills for any professional who has to play a key role in marketing platforms such as media, PR, corporate communication, etc. It’s evident that marketing professionals who don’t practice digital marketing while bound to lose the race and be left behind in a career. On the other hand, building a digital marketing career will significantly bring higher growth in terms of salary and roles in the industry. A lot of people with great experience and positions such as brand managers in conventional now feel the heat of digital marketing and wish to consider acquiring digital marketing skills. Interestingly, they can now take up senior marketing roles once they acquire the skills. It’s not that digital marketing will eat up the traditional marketing, but the role and budget for digital are increasing and marketing has become integrated. For startups or large organizations, prefer people who did exceptionally well in conventional marketing and utilize their experience in digital marketing skills.
How To Learn Digital Marketing?
Learning the skills you need for digital marketing is possible at home or a convenient place, during your spare time - such as traveling, holiday, late nights or early mornings, etc, through online digital marketing courses. We will give you some advice on how to get started – Grab your phone, enter online digital marketing courses and you will get the whole list of players available in the market. Starting from courses like Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Social Media and Ecommerce, to specialized segments like Digital Strategy, Digital Branding & Engagement and Online Marketing Strategies’ there range and list of courses offered by top apps and technical platforms to refer to and improvise on digital marketing field. Download the app, and take a free trial! These Digital Marketing Courses are explored by certified Google trainers and are packed full of practical exercises and real-life scenarios, case studies to help you gain better knowledge and then drive into appropriate action.
What Will You Learn?
Through these digital marketing courses, candidates can learn the following things -

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of data collection and analysis methods used by marketing professionals

  • Know frameworks and approaches to measuring consumer’s digital actions and habits.

  • Learn to evaluate and choose appropriate web analytics tools and techniques

  • You can come to know the unique measurement opportunities and challenges in the digital marketing sector

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Online Digital Marketing Courses?
Here are few benefits explained:
Let’s You Discover Professional In You
Digital marketing job prospects are mushrooming across India and there has been an alarming rise in the count in a recent couple of years. Especially, the Covid-19 pandemic has now changed the dynamics of marketing and digital marketing has now been an integral part of any business or service. So, thinking of making a career in digital marketing will be a smart move today. You can prepare yourselves for a job role that is high in demand in the forthcoming years.
Experts predict that the demand for digital marketing execs will increase around 35-40% in the next few years. You need to trace out the skill set demanded by the industry and accordingly prepare for it. Before you begin, get aware of skills and expertise that are in demand and required by the industry. Take the right initiative to secure job positions with handsome salaries in near future.

Wide Range of Career Opportunities
Digital marketing won’t have restrictions on your job profile. There is an array of job opportunities from leading and top global companies like Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Linked In, Facebook, and more.
To make a choice depends on your skill set and area of interest, for instance, if you’re good at numbers you can pursue a career in PPC if you’re good in writing you can work as a content manager, else if you’re good at strategizing opt for a career in SEO. Other than this, there are other lucrative online jobs that are declared regularly by different organizations and enterprises. It gives an added benefit of picking the kind of work you prefer and the type of workstation you love. However, this choice should be analyzed carefully and understand if you could reap benefits in professional life. Make the choice that meets your ends and takes you to a higher position.

Handsome Salary Package & Perks
Yes! Digital marketing courses will help you get good jobs and even better salary packages compared to other sectors. This is the most fascinating part of digital marketing courses. The scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day and it will definitely impact your earnings and rewards. There has been a great demand for expert digital marketing professionals to lead campaigns, draw digital strategies, and much more. This demand will prove fruitful to the employees. If you have a good skill set, knowledge tank, and expertise, you can negotiate with the company and take home a decent salary package. SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Manager, and other key job profiles have witnessed a great hike in salaries over the last couple of years.
Kickstart For Great Career Ahead
Unlike other professions where you have to complete a degree/diploma to apply for jobs, digital marketing courses don’t need any pre-requisite conditions. You don’t need to secure a merit list in HSC to get admissions, nor do you have to appear any competitive test to enroll for digital courses. The digital world offers great opportunities to begin your career without any pre-requisite. A good IQ level, analytical skills, and vision for client servicing are all it takes to enroll in any digital course. There are several online digital marketing courses available in the market. Check the reviews/ratings, feedback, faculty experience and sign up for any digital marketing courses. You can check your knowledge and skills by taking online tests such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and other key exams. Once you have successfully completed the test you can add certificates to your profile and let recruiters view it and shortlist you.
Offers Great Work Flexibility
Work timings in digital marketing are flexible and it’s the biggest advantage for the employee. Since the work is based on the internet there are no worries about location or timings. In fact, 80% of the organization have given the liberty for their employees to work from home or other locations due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The presence of the internet makes it easy for you to work from home, hotels, preferred destinations, or even remote locations. Thousands of employees surf the internet 24X7 and meet the demand of their organization based on the process they are put into for work such as the US, UK, And Australian processes you will have to work late nights or early mornings, etc. Employees can respond when assistance is needed.
Skill Deployment Based On Company Needs
Digital professionals can transfer their skills from one firm to another. Since digital strategies can be adopted by small, medium, or large-scale organizations, you can easily use the expertise to solve the problems of any firm or process. If you want to learn digital marketing you have a plethora of opportunities.  Brand Marketer or brand development manager can learn new internet marketing strategies, latest trends and add on to your existing skills. Sign up for Ekeeda online digital marketing courses designed for students, job seekers, and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs,s or business owners and move up the professional ladder with us.
Display Creativity & Be Game Changer
Digital marketing needs creativity and logic. Right from developing effective content, to designing ad campaigns or build SEO strategies everything needs a lot of imagination and innovative ideas. Digital marketing careers have become an important part of the marketing world and thus, it lets pick a dynamic career option. It gives you the freedom to display your creative side and innovative ideas that will make a huge impact on businesses across the globe.
Hope you like our blog and find it worthy. To master digital marketing, or if you have any queries regarding digital marketing courses, feel free to get in touch at
Why Should I Do A Digital Marketing Course?
Based on your profile, there are a number of answers to this question

  • I’m a marketing professional and wish to grow my career

  • I am an entrepreneur and looking to expand my business especially through the digital front

  • I am a sales professional, I need digital marketing skills to deliver promising results and grow

  • I am a student, and I want to build a rewarding career in the digital marketing industry

  • I am a business head and a digital marketing course will add skills to my existing portfolio

  • I am an HR/IT professional and digital marketing will help me build a consumer/candidate base

At Ekeeda, we’ve trained thousands of candidates through digital training programs and handpicked experts. Our trained & certified candidates are now working in various organizations and fields across India. Download Ekeeda App and give the right elevation for your professional career today!

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