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Ekeeda is the leading EdTech platform that easily connects engineering students and online tutors with each other. We provide highly-qualified online tutors that will help aspirants in their academic studies, competitive entrance exam preparation to perform better. We are a team of 1000+ best-in class & experienced online tutors available for different academic, competitive and professional subjects.

Ekeeda is great online learning platform for engineering aspirants who are on the verge of building a sound career path. We aim to provide efficient, individualized engineering tutoring online for aspirants who wish to seek knowledge every day. Once you sign up, you will get access to all the courses and a private tutor for various engineering subjects. Learning sessions will take place in the convenient and flexible online environment on your smartphones or computers. Our engineering tutors provide one-to-one tuition to eliminate the hassles of traveling and perform better. Students can enjoy online tuitions at the comfort of their homes or favourite study corners.

Our online teaching provides efficient learning at your comfort. Best of the learning will take place when our teachers personally spend time with you, which is not the case in physically attending classes. These are individualized sessions tailored to your academic needs. You can arrange online tutorials whenever and wherever you like to study. You can watch back tutorials once they're conducted, save time spent on traveling in harsh weather conditions, and understand concepts quite comfortably.

Sometimes unexpected events may occur, owing to which the teacher may discontinue a class. However, you’ll be informed immediately and ensure we reschedule with the same or different tutor for you. In case, if you feel at any point that the tutor is not regular or discontinues the tuition for any reason, we will arrange a new tutor for you that will match your learning needs.

Our engineering tutors are brilliant minds from IITs and other top-notch colleges & universities with a proven track record of students who clear their academics with flying colors. These handpicked and trained tutors will give you the best experience of online teaching engineering subjects.

We will take the first month's tuition fee in advance and we will issue the paid receipt for you & your tutor. We do not support or encourage any direct payment to the tutor, as it will lead to potential fraud. We also don’t owe any responsibility for such payments.

Once you’ve identified an ideal tutor for you, review their profile and contact us. Clarify all the questions you want to ask such as tutor background, teaching style, availability, fees, how online teaching will be conducted, etc. Once you’re satisfied with the tutor, let us know to schedule one-to-one online tuitions for you.

At Ekeeda, we have a team of dedicated online tutors who will clear all your doubts and simplify concepts for you. Our expert tutors will assist you with studying, tests, and semester preparation in various engineering subjects. Live sessions will let you directly contact the tutors, and the virtual classroom includes whiteboard, file sharing, and other great features. Start a session today to get a better idea on how our online tutors will help you master your academics!

Yes! You can make payments on a monthly basis and not a session basis. We will issue the receipt for you & your tutor. You’ll find on your email address. We do not support or encourage any direct payment to the tutor, as it will lead to potential fraud and we don’t owe any responsibility for such payments.

To pay your online tuitions fee, you can either login to www.ekeeda.com and pay through a secured payment gateway or visit our office to make a manual fee payment.