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Stages of Space App India Hackathon 2020Pre - Qualifier - College Venue Campus (12 hrs)
State-level of Maharashtra - Mumbai - September 20th, 2020 (24 hrs)
National Level - Hyderabad or Goa - Representing NASA Hackathon (36 hrs)

What is the Hackathon Process? 1) 1st Round, there will only be pitching of an idea.
2) Mentoring process from the corporate sector team.
3) 2nd Round, Four slides presentation
4) In Presentation Slides what jury is expecting:-
1st Slide - Block diagram or Algorithm (no software /hardware programming required)
2nd Slide- Business Model Canvas
3rd Slide - Pros and Cons
4th Slide - What needs to be done, if we want to implement in future at ground level

Benefits who are participating in the Hackathon:- 1) Every participant will get a pre-qualifier NASA certificate, and every female will get an additional certificate of Women Innovator from Niti Ayog.
2) The student will get a one-month internship, job opportunities, and E-Summit Maharashtra 2020.
3) 6 groups winners will get medals, top-runner cash prize Rs 10,000 and get a chance to represent NASA at the International Hackathon, USA

Rules who are participating:-1) To Apply, each group should be min 4 and max 5 (BE/MBA/BSCIT/MCA/BCA/DIPLOMA).
2) 12 Hrs of Hackathon & Registration fees Rs 500/-
NOTE:- (Civil /Mechanical and Architect B. Pharm can also participate. No need of Hardware or Software, its only innovative idea. No programming required)

Topics for Pre- qualifier 'Space App India Hackathon 2020' are as follows:- 1) Border Management using satellite communication
2) Our Moon
3) Rising Water
4) Trash Ocean cleanup
5) Planets near and far
6) Travel and Tourism
7) Security and Surveillance
8) Healthcare and Biomedical device
9) Agriculture and Rural Development
10) Smart Communication
11) Road Safety Management
12) Skill and unskilled labour empowerment in rural development.
13) Woman Safety (with or without using technology/apps smart security system)
14) Internet on ocean
15) Melting of Icebergs
16) Environmental issues(pollution/garbage/ animals/water treatment, etc)