Program Overview

It's easy to learn and use Python. This Python Programming Online Course will help you clear the basic fundamentals & introduce Data Structure, Control flow, Functions, and Advance Concepts. Watch live project demonstrations, and do expert talks to achieve operational excellence in projects and meet your organization's business objectives.

75+ Hours of Learning

53+ Practical Assignments & Projects

Dedicated Student Success Mentor

Career Mentoring Session

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Top skills you will learn?

Understanding Object oriented programming, Developing error free codes using exception handling, creating reliable and robust codes which have excellent time & space complexity, Developing industry oriented projects, develop Web scrapers

Career Opportunities

Full Stack Developer, Python Developer, ML Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, etc

Who can join the program?

Freshers, Students doing BE / BTech, BSc, MSc, MTech, BCA, MCA, BCom, Development Enthusiast, Working Professionals

Minimum Eligibility

Should know fundamentals of Computer Science

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Course Curriculum

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos,
cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

1. Introduction to Python, Python and anaconda Setup

2. Basic data types of Python

3. Input and Output functions of Python

4. Operators in Python

5. Math Operators

6. Comparison Operators

7. Logical operators

8. Control statement if else , for loop, while loop

9. List, Tuple, Set and dictionary data type

10. Functions in Python

11. Defining simple function

12. Understanding scope of variables

13. Variable number of arguments

14. Positional arguments

15. Recursive functions

16. Lambda function, Map, Filter, List comprehension

17. Back to Functions

18. Nested functions (Inner functions)

19. Understanding locals() and globals()

20. Creating and using Modules

21. Understanding packages

22. Classes and Objects

23. Operator Overloading

24. Type conversion

25. Containership and Inheritance

26. Iterators and Generators

27. Exception Handling

28. File Input/Output

Industry oriented Case Studies

1. Email Slicer : The email slicer is a handy program to get the username and domain name from an email address. You can customize and send a message to the user with this information.

2. Desktop Notifier App in Python: A desktop notifier app runs on your system and it will be used to send you notifications after every specific interval of time.

Industry oriented Case Studies

3. Python Website blocker : Block the unwanted sites. This project will have a simple interface which allows user to block unwanted sites

4. Currency converter :Convert currency using latest conversion rates. The currency value and conversion rate will be auto searched by our application

5. Web Crawler : Get the required data in the form text , images , videos and other formats from various web sites.

6. Music Player in Python : Design a dedicated music player which can play audio files of various formats. The application will have various controls such as fast forward, pause, stop etc

7. Random Password generator : This application will help user to generate random password. Such a password will be very difficult to crack.

8. Convert Text to Speech in Python : Convert your text into voice with Python and Google APIs. Text to speech project takes words as input on digital devices and converts them into audio or speech with a button click or finger touch.

9. YouTube Video downloader : Another interesting project is to make a nice interface through which you can download youtube videos in different formats and video quality.

10. Language translator in Python : Instantly translate texts, words, paragraphs from one language to another. The objective of this project is to translate text content from one language to any other language in real-time with a button click.

Instructors & Mentors

Career Mentoring Session | Live Doubt Session | Hands-on Training Sessions

Industry Projects and Case Studies

Learn through real-life industry projects.

Get Hands-on coding practice

Develop projects and applications

Get mentored by industry experts

Python Certificate

Course Completion Certificate

You will be awarded a Course Completion Certificate only if you pass with a minimum grade of 60% and a Certificate of Excellence if you secure 90% and above.

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Get Virtual Work experience programs in big Tech companies and showcase your talent

Career Support

Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master.

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