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About the University

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has its humble beginning as an agricultural school at Chennai in 1868. The school was affiliated to Madras University and was relocated to Coimbatore in 1906.

With the establishment of the Agricultural College and Research Institute, Coimbatore and the Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai, many undergraduate and postgraduate courses were started along with a department solely for research. It received University status in 1971.

The TNAU University holds the second rank in Agricultural Universities in the country. It was set up with an aim to improve and meet the agricultural studies in South India.

The mission of TNAU Coimbatore is to fulfill the responsibilities of Agricultural Education and Research. It aims to support the State and National Agricultural Departments by providing research products. The University strives to provide knowledge of growing agricultural technology to youth with a view to creating and developing a self-sufficient society capable of acquiring a good livelihood through agriculture and meeting the ever-growing needs of a developing society.

Courses offered by the TNAU Coimbatore University

The TNAU University offers many undergraduates and postgraduate courses on various aspects of Agriculture in many different languages.

Apart from the courses on Agriculture, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University also has courses on Forestry, Home Science, Nutrition, Bioenergy, Genetics, etc. It offers courses on Microbiology, Seed Science, Nematology, Agronomy, Horticulture, Meteorology, Sericulture, Pest Control, etc.

When it comes to technical courses, the University offers B.E degree in Agricultural Engineering.

The TNAU Coimbatore University offers B.Tech degree in the following streams:

1) Food Process Engineering

2) Horticulture Engineering

3) Energy and Environmental Engineering

4) Agriculture Biotechnology

5) Agricultural Information Technology

6) Bioinformatics

7) Nanotechnology

8) Environmental Landscape Horticulture

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