Shivaji University Kolhapur Online Engineering Courses

About the University

The Shivaji University was established in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra in 1962. The SUK University has jurisdiction over Kolhapur, Sangli, and Satara with 279 affiliated colleges and a campus covering an area of about 853 acres.

Initially, the Shivaji University Kolhapur had 34 colleges affiliated to it with jurisdiction in 5 districts. It was set up with an aim to cater to the educational needs of South Maharashtra. 

The vision of Shivaji University Kolhapur is to meet the Educational, Social, Cultural and Economic needs of the region of south Maharashtra and the nation to create a just and humane society. The University strives to provide the implementation of high-quality educational programs with a view to creating and developing a large enriched pool of selfless youth, capable of acquiring a good livelihood and meeting the ever-growing needs of a developing society.

The SUK University has its mission to promote and foster a culture of high-quality teaching and learning to serve the needs of the society by encouraging, generating and promoting excellence in research and extension activities.

Courses offered by the SUK University

The Shivaji University Kolhapur offers many undergraduates and postgraduate courses on Arts, Commerce, Technology, Social Work, Mass Media, Pharmacy, Education, Nursing, and Agriculture in many different languages.

Apart from the regular courses mentioned above, Shivaji University also has courses on Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Architecture, Microbiology, etc. It offers courses on Political Science, Library Science, Law, Fisheries, Geology, Horticulture, Meteorology, Sericulture, Pest Control, etc.

When it comes to technical courses, the SUK University offers B.E course in the following streams:

1.      Automobile Engineering

2.      Biotechnology

3.      Chemical Engineering

4.      Civil Engineering

5.      Computer Engineering

6.      Electrical Engineering

7.      Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

8.      Environmental Engineering

9.      Information Technology

10.  Instrumentation Engineering

11.  Mechanical Engineering

12.  Production Engineering

13.  Textile Engineering

The Shivaji University Kolhapur offers B.Tech degree in the following streams:

1.      Chemical Technology Engineering

2.      Computer Engineering

3.      Electronics and Communication Engineering

4.      Food Technology

5.      Civil Engineering

6.      Mechanical Engineering

How Ekeeda can help

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Shivaji University Kolhapur (SUK) provides many video courses with the help of Ekeeda for their engineering courses. For example, applied mathematics is an essential subject for almost all branches of engineering. So, Ekeeda offers complete knowledge of applied mathematics starting from the complex numbers, the algebra and how they are implemented in Engineering.

In case of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, etc., Ekeeda has many online videos where you will find the theories, problems, etc. and after going through the videos, it is very easy to understand the answers. So in that way your problem-solving capability is increased.

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