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About the University

The Pondicherry University was established in 1985 by the Government of India at Puducherry. The University has jurisdiction over about 90 colleges in the Union Territories of Puducherry, Lakshadweep, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The Pondicherry University campus is spread over 780 acres facing the Bay of Bengal on the East Coast Road and is accessible from Chennai and Bengaluru.

The vision of Pondicherry University is to adapt to ever-changing needs of the society and serve as an enabler of societal transformation through state-of-art higher education and research that match global benchmarks by providing access, resources, and opportunities.

The Pondicherry University has its mission to deploy globally competent resources in terms of people and infrastructure, develop skilled individuals who will serve as agents of value-based societal transformation in various spheres of life enriched with education, research, training, and cultural integration.

Courses offered by the University

The Pondicherry university offers many undergraduates and postgraduate courses in arts, physics, chemistry, psychology, commerce, technology, social work, mathematics, management, media, advertising, film, and Nano-science in many different languages.

Apart from the above mentioned regular courses, Pondicherry University also has courses on green energy, politics, sports, and languages, etc. The University also offers courses on biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental sciences, ocean studies, marine biology, etc. When it comes to technical courses, the University offers B.Tech course in the following streams:

1.         Computer Science & Engineering

2.         Information Technology

3.         Electronics Engineering

4.         Civil Engineering

5.         Electrical Engineering

6.         Mechanical engineering

7.         Chemical Engineering

8.         Centre for Pollution Control & Environmental Engineering

9.         Coastal Engineering

10.       Geological Technology


How Ekeeda can help

Ekeeda is a platform dedicated solely for Engineering Students.  It has online lectures and tutorials for professional courses for all branches of engineering.

Ekeeda is an online comprehensive education portal providing online engineering courses and video lectures for all topics and chapters of all engineering semester's subjects. Their online video lectures of engineering subjects are explained in a lucid manner. The teaching faculty is also well versed and has a simplified way of teaching.

Ekeeda ensures that students have a clear understanding of technical concepts by providing industry standard engineering courses online. It is always fun to learn by audio-video mode as it is easily registered into the brain and helps you to remember things quickly.

Ekeeda provides tutorials for engineering curriculum and professional courses. This ensures the quality in terms of understanding the technical concepts so that the students can easily recollect them anytime. At the same time, these courses are designed such that students can confidently write their exams and face interviews.

Pondicherry University provides many video courses with the help of Ekeeda for their different Engineering courses. For example, applied mathematics is an essential subject for almost all branches of Engineering. Ekeeda offers complete knowledge of applied mathematics starting from the basics, the algebra and how it is implemented in Engineering problems.

In the case of core branches like Electrical, Mechanical and Civil engineering, Ekeeda has many online videos where the different theoretical concepts are explained in a simple manner. There are video lectures that have solved problems based on different topics. After going through these different videos, it becomes very easy to understand the answers from books. In that way, Ekeeda helps to greatly improve your problem-solving capability.

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