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About the University

Initially, a part of the University of Jalgaon, the North Maharashtra University was established in 1990 on the 15th of August. It has been renamed as Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari University. Located about 8 km away from Jalgaon in Maharashtra the University spans an area of 660 acres on the banks of the river Girna. The campus boasts of a staggering 2 lakh trees and received the ‘Vanshree Award’ in 2000 from the Government of Maharashtra and the ‘Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Award’ in 2002 from the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Government of India.

In 2001, the NMU University was accredited the prestigious 4 Star Status by NAAC. The University has a well-stocked library with over 50,000 books and subscriptions to about 500 magazines.

The North Maharashtra University has 13 schools on the campus. With 220 colleges affiliated to the University. The University Institute of Chemical Technology (UICT) has been ranked at the 68th position among the outstanding institutes in India for Engineering.

The mission statement of the NMU University is to impart relevant quality higher education to students, groom them to be conscious, researchers, technologists, professionals, and citizens bearing the torch for disseminating knowledge in masses for suitable socio-economic development of the society.


The University offers many undergraduates and postgraduate courses on Arts, Commerce, Technology, Social work, etc.

Apart from the above regular courses mentioned above, North Maharashtra University also has courses on Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science, etc. The NMU University Institute of Chemical Technology (UICT) offers B.Tech and M.Tech courses in:

1.      Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology

2.      Paints Technology

3.      Chemical Technology

4.      Plastics/Polymer Technology

5.      Food Technology

How Ekeeda can help

Ekeeda is a platform dedicated solely for Engineering Students.  It comprises of Online Lectures and Tutorials for Professional Courses for all branches of engineering.

Ekeeda is an online comprehensive education portal that provides online engineering courses and video lectures of all topics and chapters for all subjects for all the semesters. The online video lectures of engineering subjects are extremely easy to grasp. The teaching faculty is well versed and has a simplified way of teaching.

Ekeeda ensures that students have a clear understanding of technical concepts by providing industry standard engineering courses online. It is always fun to learn by audio-video mode as it is easily registered into the brain and helps you to remember things quickly.

Ekeeda provides tutorials for the entire curriculum of the Professional Courses. This also ensures the quality in terms of understanding the technical aspects so that the students can recollect them as and when required. At the same time, students can confidently write their exams and face interviews.

North Maharashtra University provides many video courses with the help of Ekeeda for their Engineering courses. For example, applied mathematics is an essential subject for all branches of Engineering in the first year. So Ekeeda offers complete knowledge of applied mathematics (starting from complex numbers, algebra and how they are implemented in Engineering)

Now in case of chemical engineering also Ekeeda has many online videos where you will find the theories, problems, etc. After going through the video lectures, it becomes very easy to understand the books. So in that way your problem-solving capability is increased.

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