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The Maharashtra state board of technical education is situated in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400051. It believes in the skill development of the students with industry requirements and has a synergistic relationship with the industries. The MSBTE Board also believes in accessing to consistent quality technical education with technological interventions in societal development. The main objective of the Board is to ensure that the MSBTE diploma level professional education is in accordance with the current requirement of the industry and technology which includes the personal development of students including social concerns and become globally competitive, and technology led organization.

The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education Board believes in imparting superior quality managerial and technical human resources along with information and consultancy services to the community and industry to enable them to face the challenging technological & environmental challenges. The Board was established to develop and design the syllabus of MSBTE Diploma, Post Diploma & Advanced Diploma Programmes and develop lab manuals, CAI Packages, textbooks and other learning resource packages for the active teaching-learning process. It also undertakes various external projects, consultancy, and other assignments related to the examination system and technical education.


The Technical Education MSBTE offers several UG and PG courses in various fields. The following programs are included in their B.Tech and M.Tech programs:

  1. Textile Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Plastic Engineering
  4. Automobile Engineering
  5. Chemical Engineering


Ekeeda is an online education platform which is specially designed for engineering students.  Ekeeda has been designed to furnish the engineering students on various engineering subjects. Ekeeda is a comprehensive MSBTE online education platform that thrives to offer quality engineering courses and videos by helping the engineering students to have a clear overview of the subject. The online tutorials of Ekeeda are presented in a communicative manner which allows the students to grasp the topics properly. The MSBTE online videos of Ekeeda are made with the intentions to furnish the students with a more comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and theories which are the base of the subject. A clear understanding of the technical part, the ideas, and opinions of the field of engineering enable the students to gain self-confidence, which in turn enables them to takes examinations and face the interview confidently.

The teachers are well furnished with their way of teaching. Ekeeda ensures quality by offering industry standard MSBTE online engineering courses and thus maintaining the understanding in terms of a technical part to the students. The audio-visual method of learning is always fun to learn because it gets registered into the brain quickly. Ekeeda also provides videos on professional and curriculum course. The students can recollect the studies any time because of the quality of teaching imparted by Ekeeda in the mechanical part.

With the help of Ekeeda the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education offers video tutorials for the engineering students. For instance, chemical engineering the students should have a basic knowledge about the different chemical and their uses. Ekeeda provides the students with conceptual clarity of all the basic concepts of designs and principles that are required in the field of chemical engineering. A clear overview of the subject also provides the students with an upper hand in polishing and enhancing their analytical skills.

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