Guru Nanak Dev University Online Engineering Courses

About the University:

Guru Nanak Dev University is situated in Amritsar, Punjab. The university was established by the state in 1969. The Institute offers various Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and research program in Ph.D. and M.Phil. The GNDU University Amritsar is UGC approved and take admission on the basis of merit in the JEE entrance exam. The campus is about 500 Acres in size.

Guru Nanak Dev University takes care of education dreams of over ten thousand students. They provide students with world-class facilities and faculties in different affiliated institutions. It ranks in the 16th position among 50 other universities in India and ranks 11th among 500 universities.

Guru Nanak Dev University is well-known all-over India for its outstanding educational structures other commitments. The university affiliates 148 affiliated colleges and 71 Associate Institutes, where students from various departments can take their education to a higher level.

Courses Offered By Guru Nanak Dev University

The GNDU University Amritsar is serving students for about 43 years and offers various facilities along with faculties. One can pursue any degree depending on their educational criteria and can choose from various fields such as Science, Arts, Management, Information Technology, Industrial Technology, Environment, Planning, and Architecture, etc.

When it comes to technical courses, the GNDU University Amritsar offers B.Tech course in the following streams:

1.       Computer Science

2.       Computer Engineering & Technology

3.       Electronics Technology

4.       Civil Engineering

5.       Mechanical Engineering

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Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) provides many video courses with the help of Ekeeda for their Engineering courses. For example, Concrete Technology is an essential subject in Civil Engineering. So Ekeeda offers many videos and tutorials for concrete technology.

Same is the case in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and rest of the degree in GNDU University Amritsar.

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