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The Gujarat Technological University is located in the city of Ahmadabad, Gujarat-382424. This University is a premier academic and research institution driven new ways of thinking since its establishment in 2007. The University is an intellectual place which draws inspired scholars to its campus, keeping GTU at the nexus of ideas which challenges and changes the world. The University believes in making the University a world-class university. This University has emerged as an International Innovative University in its pursuit of bringing innovation and internationalization in professional education. The University also has a most extensive International Experience Program in collaboration with the universities of US, Canada, China, and Germany by offering a unique opportunity to the students to enhance their capabilities and capacities in a global perspective. The primary purpose of the University is to provide quality education, training, vocation, and research facilities to their students and also organize and manage Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Seminars, and Conferences. It also wants to facilitate the student’s placements into suitable and meaningful careers and the future of their choice. The University nurtures the students with the essential life skills along with the technical knowledge to empower them to develop as an individual and a successful professional in the competitive world.

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