Online Government Polytechnic Pune Engineering Courses

The Government Polytechnic University is located in the city of Pune, Maharastra-411016. This University is 62 years old and one of India’s oldest polytechnic institute. It has produced more than 8000 diploma engineers in various fields. The University has also been awarded several awards in the field of socio-cultural activities as well as academics, and on the whole, has succeeded in contributing humble, positive efforts towards the building of a progressive society. The motive of the University is to provide skill-based Diploma Education to students’ through a state-of-art curriculum designed in coordination with industry As employment is a critical aspect of modern education, so the University is mainly determined upon keeping a constant link between academics and industrial realities to make students proficient at meeting the demands of the industry. It believes in transforming the students who could be the tremendous help in making meaningful contributions to industries, community, and rural development as well as teaching a spirit of self-employment through all-around training and skill development courses. The University consists of a 28-acre campus with various facilities for the students like Electronics & Computers, Library, Canteen, post office, and other facilities, etc.

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