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The Government Polytechnic Pune University is located in the city of Pune, Maharastra-411016. This University is 62 years old and one of India’s oldest polytechnic institute. It has produced more than 8000 diploma engineers in various fields. The University has also been awarded several awards in the field of socio-cultural activities as well as academics, and on the whole, has succeeded in contributing humble, positive efforts towards the building of a progressive society. The motive of the GPPUNE University is to provide skill-based Diploma Education to students’ through a state-of-art curriculum designed in coordination with industry

As employment is a critical aspect of modern education, so the Government Polytechnic Pune University is mainly determined upon keeping a constant link between academics and industrial realities to make students proficient at meeting the demands of the industry. It believes in transforming the students who could be the tremendous help in making meaningful contributions to industries, community, and rural development as well as teaching a spirit of self-employment through all-around training and skill development courses. The GPPUNE University consists of a 28-acre campus with various facilities for the students like Electronics & Computers, Library, Canteen, post office, and other facilities, etc.

Courses Offered by the Government Polytechnic Pune University

The GPPUNE University provides several UG and PG courses. The following courses are included in their B. Tech and M. Tech programs:

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Metallurgy Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Ekeeda is an educational platform that has been designed specifically for engineering students. Ekeeda consists of several online videos that consists of lectures and tutorials for the professional courses of every branch of engineering. Ekeeda is an online platform that tends to provide video classes for the engineering students that comprehensively covers all the topics according to the requirements of each semester. Ekeeda aims to ensure that the engineering students are given a clear understanding of all the basic concepts that are essential in the engineering courses. The online video lectures provided by Ekeeda are made in such manners that are very easy to grasp.

The teachers are well- equipped with their way of teaching. In terms of understanding the Technical Part to the students, Ekeeda ensures quality by offering industry standard engineering courses online. The method of learning by audio-video mode is always fun because it is easy to remember as the things get directly registered into the brain. It also provides videos for curriculum and professional courses.  In terms of understanding the technical part, this also ensures the quality so that the students can recollect them anytime. Also, this helps the students to write their exams and face interviews with confidence.

With the help of Ekeeda, the Government Polytechnic Pune University (GPPUNE) provides several online video tutorials for the engineering students. For instance, in civil engineering, it is of utmost importance that the students should have a detailed knowledge of the various construction processes, the design and the maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. The Ekeeda acts help the students by providing them with detailed knowledge about the basic concepts of civil engineering such as designs, construction process, maintenance, etc.

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