Ganpat University Online Engineering Courses

Established in 2005, Ganpat University is one of India’s largest and leading universities. They have a campus spread over 300 acres of land and made of a great modern infrastructure. More than 10,000 students’ study in the campus on various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The university, situated in Gujrat, Ganpat University offers world-class industry-oriented education degrees to prepare today’s generation and next generation for the same. Ganpat University has won the “World Education Summit Award” in 2014 by the government of India. Let’s have a look at the courses they offer and the colleges currently affiliated under the Ganpat University.

Overview Of Courses Offered By Ganpat University

Apart from providing the students with undergraduate and postgraduate facilities, they also offer diploma courses for aspiring engineering students. Apparently, they also provide research programs under various faculties. Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Management, Computer Applications, Sciences, Education, Humanities and Social Science and Human Potential Development are the most popular fields in this university where a student can complete their respective degree course.

The Ganpat University Mehsana, along with providing a world-class education system, offers several initiatives to give the students unique learning opportunities to grow in their respective fields. Computer Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Sciences are the most specialized programs in management schools. Apart from that, they offer B.Tech program in Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, and Cyber Security as well.

Ganpat University has posted various undergraduate plus postgraduate programs in collaboration with other leading universities in India and from all over the globe.

? Mechanical Engineering
? Petrochemical Engineering
? Robotics and Automation Engineering
? Naval Architecture and Ship Building Engineering
? Computer Engineering (artificial intelligence)
? Computer Engineering
? Mechatronics Engineering
? Information Technology
? Electrical Engineering
? Civil Engineering
? Biomedical Engineering
? Marine Engineering
? Automobile Engineering
? CSE in Cyber Security
? CSE in Cloud-based applications
? CSE in Big data and Analytics
? Information and Communication Technology

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