Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University Online Engineering Courses

About the University

Dr A.P.J Kalam University is located in the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh – 226031. This university was established in the year 2000 by the government of Uttar Pradesh. This university is one of the largest technical universities not only in India but also in Asia as well. The jurisdiction of the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University spans to almost the entire of Uttar Pradesh.  Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam University also has one of its centres in Noida that has been established to facilitate closer academic and industrial interaction around such a zone that consists of a cluster of privately affiliated colleges.

Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam University functions intending to provide quality teaching and knowledge to them, which are further supplemented by authentic research advancements. The university also affiliates other educational institutions. The AKTU University functions on the principles of transparency and to remain true to its principles; it conducts state level entrance examinations into various programs offered by the university.

The AKTU University also aims to pursue technical education that is in close cooperation with the industries. It does so to create a conducive entrepreneurship environment. Apart from academics, the university also thrives on developing the overall personality of its students by imbibing in them the principles of both emotional and professional maturity. Dr A.P.J Abdul  Kalam University not only aims to transmit knowledge through quality teaching but also the through proper research program as well to give the students a brief insight into the various problems of the society they reside in.

Courses offered by the AKTU University

Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam University offers bachelors, masters, and PhD programs in the technical fields. It provides programs on Pharmaceuticals, architecture, hotel management, etc. In the engineering courses, the following arena of engineering courses is presented to the students by the university:

Computer engineering

Electronics and communication engineering

Mechanical engineering

How Ekeeda can help

Ekeeda is an online educational portal that offers video courses to the engineering students. The main aim of Ekeeda is to provide a comprehensive understanding of all the basic concepts of the various fields of engineering to the students. This enables the students to get a clear understanding of all the basic concepts that further allows them to master the area. Ekeeda consists of a number of online videos that consists of lectures and tutorials for the professional courses of every branch of engineering. Ekeeda is an online platform that tends to provide video classes for the engineering students that comprehensively covers all the topics as per the requirements of each semester. Ekeeda aims to ensure that the engineering students are given a clear understanding of all the basic concepts that are essential in the engineering courses. The online video lectures provided by Ekeeda are made in such a manner that is very easy to grasp.

The audio-visual mode of Ekeeda gives an edge to the students in learning the concepts and theories as the audio-visual method helps to retain the concentration of the students. The audio-visual mode of learning is quite fun and helps to maintain the information directly in the brain in a brief period. This enables the students to remember relevant points instantly anywhere.

Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam University (AKTU), through the help of Ekeeda, provides video courses to their students on the various engineering courses. The video courses of Ekeeda acts as a great help to the students by providing them with conceptual clarity. The video courses even simplify the theories of the engineering courses that help to sharpen their analytical and problem-solving skills.

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