Dibrugarh University Institute of Engineering and Technology (Dibrugarh) Engineering Lecture Videos

About the University

Dibrugarh University Institute of Science and Technology is located at Nagakhalia Gaon, Assam 786003. The University believes in the amalgamation of various interdisciplinary subjects to achieve excellence in the field of academics. Dibrugarh University established the University in 2009. The DUIET University uses the approach of open teaching-learning environment to impart education to its students. The University strives to promote quality, creativity, innovative and cutting edge research work that can effectively address the inherent problems of human society.

The DUIET aims to produce a creative and dedicated technical manpower who with their knowledge would build a better society for the weaker and socially unprivileged sections of the society. At present, the institute constitutes of 40 experienced faculties who hold specialized degrees in the areas of engineering and technology. The electronics and communication engineering department of the University has even been awarded a research grant from the Department of Information Technology. The major aim of the Dibrugarh University Institute of Science and Technology is to become the pioneering name in building a better society.

Courses offered by the DUIET University

Dibrugarh University Institute of Science and Technology provides four years B.tech program in the following branches:

1) Computer Science and Engineering

2) Electronics and Communication Engineering

3) Mechanical Engineering

4) Petroleum Engineering

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