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Dav University is located in Sarmastarpur, Jalandhar, Pathankot, National Highway, Jalandhar, and Punjab 144012. The DAV University is a multidisciplinary educational institution which is home to excellent teaching faculty. DAV University is considered to be the best University in the state of Punjab. The University is India's single largest nongovernmental institution that manages more than 800 institutions in the country. The university functions with the main aim of providing the best and quality education to its students. Spread over an area of 72 acres of land the campus of the University is well equipped with the entire modern infrastructure that includes a canteen, parking lots for each building, playgrounds, sports and fitness facilities and many more. The main aim of DAV University is to promote a humanized, specialized, globalized, and socialized system of education. The University also conducts various multidisciplinary personality development programs as well to ensure the overall development of the personalities of its students.

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