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About the University

Charotar University of Science and Technology also known as Charusat blindly follows the popular saying of Sardar Vallabhai Patel that “character without education is futile.” The Charusat University is located on Highway 139, Off, Nadiad-Petland Road, Changa, and Gujarat 388421. The University offers almost 72 courses from undergraduate to Doctoral (PhD) programs.

Charusat University functions with the main principles of transparency, equity, fairness, integrity and honesty. Along with imparting quality education, it believes in the investment of these moral values in the students that leads to the overall development of their personality. Charotar University of Science and Technology with the integration of its principles in its education system is now orienting itself to include its name in the league of Top 20 Universities at the national level.

Courses offered by the Charotar University of Science and Technology

Charusat University Anand offers several courses for its students from undergraduate level till the Doctoral degree. The University offers programs in the allied course disciplines of Technology and engineering, computer application, management studies, paramedical sciences, nursing, physiotherapy and applied sciences. Charotar University of Science and Technology offers both undergraduate as well as masters programs in its engineering courses.

The following disciplines of engineering are offered by the CHARUSAT University Anand in its B.Tech and M.Tech programs:

Computer science engineering

Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Civil engineering

Electronics and communication engineering

Electrical engineering

Power system engineering

Structural engineering

Thermal engineering

How Ekeeda can help

Ekeeda is an educational platform that has been designed specifically for the engineering students. Ekeeda consists of a number of online videos that consists of lectures and tutorials for the professional courses of each and every branch of engineering. Ekeeda is an online platform that tends to provide video classes for the engineering students that comprehensively covers all the topics as per the requirements of each semester.

The main aim of Ekeeda is to provide a comprehensive understanding of all the basic concepts of the various fields of engineering to the students. This enables the students to get a clear understanding of all the basic concepts that further enables them to master the field. Furthermore, the online courses provided by Ekeeda are made in a very lucid manner that enables the students to grasp the teachings easily.

Moreover, the audio-video mode of the online courses of Ekeeda makes it quite interesting for the learners, thus enabling them to sustain their concentration on the courses for a more extended period. In addition to that, the audio-video mode of the engineering course provided by Ekeeda helps the students to remember concepts and theories quickly as it directly gets registered in the brain.

Charotar University of Science and Technology, with the help of Ekeeda, provides its students with quality video courses on its various disciplines of engineering programs. For instance, power system engineering requires a basic knowledge of all the functioning of the power grids. Ekeeda provides the students of Charusat University Anand with quality video courses on the various functioning of the power grid system that enables them to master the basic essential concepts that are required for power system engineering.

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