BIT Mesra Ranchi Online Engineering Courses

About the University

Birla Institute of Technology was established in the year 1955 by industrialist Mr. B.M. Birla. The world-class University is located 16 kilometers from the capital city of Jharkhand, Ranchi. For over 50 years, BIT Mesra Ranchi has been one of the premier universities for providing Engineering Education in India.

BIT Mesra Ranchi, with an enormous campus size of 780 acres, aims to become a globally recognized Academic Institution. The main reason for its excellence for so many years has been their top-notch quality of education, resources, faculties and technical services. This University also aims to produce the best engineers and managers within and outside of the country by providing the best research and development facilities.

Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi has always been ahead of the contemporary demands of academics. Whether it is the introduction to new reforms in academic structure or upgrading teaching skills. BIT Mesra Ranchi has created a trend for innovative learning.

Courses offered by the University

The Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi offers many undergraduates and postgraduate courses on Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Architecture, Business Management and Hotel Management. 

Along with the regular courses, BIT Mesra Ranchi provides technical courses as well. The following courses are included in their technical Engineering programs-

Civil Engineering

Bio Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Space Engineering 

How Ekeeda can help

Ekeeda is an online platform that has been designed, especially for engineering students. It has been designed to provide the engineering students video classes on various engineering subjects. Ekeeda is an online comprehensive educational portal which thrives on producing videos of quality engineering courses. They help the engineering students in getting a clear overview of the subject. The online videos of Ekeeda are made in a very lucid manner and they make it easy for the students to grasp the concepts properly. The online courses of Ekeeda are made to provide the students with a more comprehensive knowledge of the ideas and theories which are the base of the subject.

Moreover, the audio-visual mode of the online courses of Ekeeda makes it easy for the students to retain all the knowledge that they have acquired from the texts. The audio-visual method of Ekeeda enables the students to remember concepts and theories quickly as it directly gets registered in the brain. The audio-visual mode of the online courses of Ekeeda also helps the students to retain their concentration as these courses make learning quite interesting for them.

Students of Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi can achieve their goal of imparting comprehensive and quality education with the help of courses offered by Ekeeda. For instance, in civil engineering, it is of utmost importance that the students have a detailed knowledge of the various construction processes, the design and the maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. Ekeeda acts as a great help in providing the students with a detailed knowledge of all the basic concepts of civil engineering such as designs, construction process, maintenance, etc. This enables the students to have a clear understanding of all the basic concepts, thereby increasing their analytical skill.

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