B.S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology Online Engineering Courses


B.S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology University is located in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600048. This University is known for its quality leadership and excellence in offering a wide range of academic opportunities. The B S Abdur Rahman University is rising continuously in higher education with promising security, quality and placement. The education programs of the University are designed to furnish the students with practical knowledge that would help them to achieve their dream.

The B S Abdur Rahman University is an intellectual destination which challenges conventional thinking and thus stimulates the passion for redefining learning. In this University, unique teaching is imparted, which helps the students and scholars to compete among themselves. The University provides a wide range of educational programs and exclusive club which fosters the developmental activities of the students and provide opportunities and experiences that builds a community.

Courses offered by the B S Abdur Rahman University

The B S Abdur Rahman University offers wide varieties of UG and PG programs in various fields like Architecture and Design, Arts and Sciences, Law and Pharmacy. The University also provides a research program for its students. As far as the technical programs are concerned, the University offers B.Tech and M.Tech programs in the following fields:

Aeronautical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Communication System

Structural Engineering


Ekeeda is an online education platform which is specially designed for the engineering student. Ekeeda is equipping the engineering students with video tutorials on various engineering subjects. Ekeeda is a comprehensive education platform that comprehensively provides numerous video classes on different engineering subjects. The teachers are well furnished with their way of teaching. Ekeeda ensures quality by offering industry standard engineering courses online and thus maintaining the understanding in terms of a technical part to the students. The audio-visual method of learning is always fun to learn because it gets registered into the brain quickly. Ekeeda also provides videos on professional and curriculum course. The students can recollect the studies any time because of the quality of teaching imparted by Ekeeda in the mechanical part; thus, this also helps the students to face the interviews and write their exam with confidence.

With the help of Ekeeda B S Abdur Rahman University offers video tutorials for the engineering students. For instance, aeronautical engineering the necessary knowledge about the aircraft and forces and pressure acting on the plane is required.  So, Ekeeda furnishes the students with a complete understanding of the different forces and pressure on an aircraft and the students can get a clear understanding of the field they are moving into.

In the case of Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Bio-Technology, etc., Ekeeda imparts various comprehensive online videos courses that help the students to briefly explain the different theories and mechanism of the concerned field of engineering. The video lectures of Ekeeda also enable the students who are pursuing engineering to clinch the books furthermore coherently, and, thus in this process, increase problem-solving capacity of the students.

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