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Assam Science and Technology University is situated in the city of Jalukbari, Assam – 781013. The Assam Science and Technology University was established in the year 2010 to bring all the existing engineering colleges or institutions under the same platform and follow an identical course.  The ASTU university strives in making the technical education in Assam a unified one by developing a synchronizing strategy and operational leadership and also train competent academic personnel to be with international peers and create a state of the art infrastructure.

The Assam Science and Technical University has the intention to design a platform to participate together by the government and the private organization by creating facilities for everyone to participate. The university also aims to establish a QA program which would define the roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholders and bring in freshness by the increasing infrastructure to be on par with the recognized institutes. The ASTU University has also held various workshops, seminars, and brainstorming meeting among the stakeholders.


The Assam Science and Technical University offers various UG and PG programs and also research programs in Science, Architecture, Planning and Design, Management, Pharmaceutical Science, etc. The university also offers the following courses in its B.Tech and M.Tech programs:

Civil    Engineering

Electrical    Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

Electronics and Communication Engineering


Ekeeda is an online education platform which is specially designed for engineering students. Ekeeda has been designed to furnish the engineering students on various engineering subjects. Ekeeda is a comprehensive online education platform that thrives to offer quality engineering courses and videos by helping the engineering students to have a clear overview of the subject. The online tutorials of Ekeeda are presented in a coherent manner which allows the students to grasp the subjects properly. The online videos of Ekeeda are made with the intentions to furnish the students with a more comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and theories which are the base of the subject. A clear understanding of the technical part, the ideas, and opinions of the field of engineering enable the students to gain self-confidence, which in turn enables them to takes examinations and face the interview confidently.

The audio-visual mode of teaching method of Ekeeda makes it easier for the students to retain the knowledge which they have acquired. The purpose of teaching through audio-visual mode helps the students to remember the concepts and theories easily as it gets registered into the brain. It is interesting for the students to learn from Ekeeda’s audio-visual mode of learning because they can easily retain their concentration.

The Assam Science and Technological University (ASTU), with the help of Ekeeda, offers many online courses for their students to achieve their goal of imparting comprehensive and quality education. For instance, in civil engineering, it is of utmost importance that the students should have a detailed knowledge of the various construction processes, the design and the maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. The Ekeeda acts help the students by providing them with detailed knowledge about the basic concepts of civil engineering such as designs, construction process, maintenance, etc

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