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About the University

The Anna University is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, and it has two campuses located at Guindy, Chennai- 600025, and Chrompet, Chennai – 600044. This University is a state technical university, and it was established in 1978, and it was named after the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu Dr C.N Annadurai.  The University fosters the cooperation between the academic and industrial communities. The University was established by integrating four public technical colleges of Tamil Nadu, School of Architecture and Planning, College of Engineering, Madras Institute of Technology, Alagappa College of Technology. The University is known for contributing to social and economic development by providing high-quality human resources through quality teaching, consultancy, and research. The University offers higher education in Engineering, Architecture and Applied Sciences Technology that are relevant to the projected and current needs of the society.

The Anna University Chennai believes in striving towards world-class institutions by producing professionals with high knowledge in the technical field with professional and technical skills. The Anna University Chennai continually tries to raise the quality of technical education and share its academic experience and infrastructure with other institutions for providing quality education and serve the society with technological advancements to actively take part in building a community based on knowledge. The University also upholds the highest professional’s standards and ethics while imparting engineering education and while fulfilling its obligations to students and staff.

Courses Offered by the Anna University

The University offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different technical subjects and also in affiliated universities. 

The Anna University Chennai also offers courses in B.Tech and M. Tech programs:

Chemical Engineering

Food Technology

Apparel Technology

Rubber and Plastics

Computational Biology

How Ekeeda Can Help

The Ekeeda is an online education platform that is mainly designed to help engineering students. Ekeeda has been designed to help engineering students with video classes on various engineering subjects. Ekeeda is an online comprehensive education portal that produces quality education courses and the videos that support the engineering students to have a clear view of the subjects. The video tutorials of Ekeeda are presented in a communicative manner, which makes it easy for the engineering students to grasp the concepts quickly. The objective of online videos of Ekeeda is to provide the students with more comprehensive knowledge about the idea and theories which are the base of the subjects.

Moreover, the audio-video mode of Ekeeda makes it easy for the students to retain the knowledge that they have received from the texts. The method of imparting teaching through the audio-visual mode of Ekeeda helps the students to remember the concepts and theories as it directly gets registered in the brain. The audio-visual mode of Ekeeda makes it attractive for the students to learn because it helps in retaining their concentration.

The Anna University Chennai, with the help of Ekeeda, provides many online courses for their students to reach their goal of imparting comprehensive and quality education. For instance, chemical engineering, the basic use of the use of chemicals is required. So, Ekeeda offers the students with a complete understanding of the basic knowledge of various chemicals, and thus, the students can have a clear understanding of the field they are moving into.

In case of Food Technology, Computational Biology, Rubber and Plastics, and Apparel Technology, Ekeeda provide various comprehensive online courses that can help the students to thoroughly explain the different theories and mechanism of the concerned field of engineering. The video classes of Ekeeda help the students to who are pursuing engineering to grasp the books furthermore coherently and in this process increase their problem-solving capacity.

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