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About the University

The Andhra University College of Engineering is situated in the city of Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh – 530003. The University is 86 years old and, it is not only one of India’s oldest educational institutes but also it is the first University to be framed as a residential and teaching-cum educational affiliation university. This University is mainly dedicated for post-graduate teaching and research. The University was established after a collective and prolonged struggle of the Telugu elites for a university. The University is known for its flawless record of serving the educational needs of the region. The University believes that excellence in higher education is the best investment for the country. The University consists of 121 academic departments and 23 hostels for men and women. Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was the vice-chancellor of this University

The Andhra University College of Engineering has relentlessly maintained its standards in the field of teaching and research; it also ensures proper development and character building of a student and encourages community development programs among them. The University also provides distance education which offers various courses such as certificate course to post-graduate course and professional course. The College of Arts and Commerce is the most prominent constituent college in the Andhra University. The College of Law is identified as an advanced centre of learning by the UGC. In South India, the college of pharmaceuticals of the University of Andhra is the first of its kind offering one undergraduate program and six post-graduate programs and research program which leads to PhD. The University has two Residential Health Centres one at the south campus and the other at north campus

Courses offered by the Andhra University College of Engineering

The Andhra University offers 313 courses in various fields like Commerce, Arts, Management, Science and Technology, Pharmacy, Law, and Education.

The Andhra University College of Engineering also offers courses in Engineering, and the following courses are included in their B.Tech and M.Tech programs:

1) Information and Technology

2) Chemical Engineering

3) Bio-Technology

4) Ceramic Technology

5) Radar and Microwave Engineering

6) Hydraulic and Coastal Harbour Engineering

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