Online AISECT University Engineering Courses

AISECT University, which is now known as Rabindranath Tagore University, is India’s first skill-based private University. Its main aim is to promote skill based quality education and knowledge that are based on research, which helps in creating successful professionals. All India Society establishes this premier private institute for Electronics and Computer Technology in Mendua Village in Raisen District, Madhya Pradesh- 464993. AISECT University also has a branch in Bhopal as well. The All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology is the most reputed educational group in the country. The main focus of AISECT University lies in imparting quality education that has been backed up with advanced research. They aim to promote holistic learning among the students to ensure that an effective application of knowledge is being undertaken to secure the future of the students. The main aim of the University is to provide quality education to all its students. To achieve its goal, AISECT University has hired faculty members having a PhD degree from acclaimed institutes such as IIT and NIIT.

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