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v Objective:

After studying a common syllabus for students of all branches in the first year of engineering, the subjects become more stream-specific from the second year. Theory of Machines is a part of the second year mechanical engineering syllabus. The subject is included with an objective to familiarize students with various mechanisms and inversions and acquaint them with the basics of power transmission systems.

Theory of Machines deals with the study and analysis of various mechanical systems and mechanisms. This subject is a crucial part of the mechanical engineering. The concepts included in Theory of Machines are used while studying the design and fabrication of mechanisms and their analysis of displacement, velocity and acceleration.  It lays the foundation for related subjects of later years like Design of Machine Elements, Mechanical Vibrations, etc.

v Syllabus:

The Theory of Machines syllabus includes topics like-

1)      Fundamentals and Types of Mechanisms

2)      Velocity and Acceleration of a Mechanism

3)      Power Transmission

4)      Flywheel and Governors

5)      Clutches and Bearings

6)      Brakes and Dynamometers

7)      Cams and Followers

Theory of Machines demonstrates the application of the fundamental knowledge about constrained motion, kinematic chain, inversion of mechanisms, etc. It teaches students to calculate the velocity and acceleration of various mechanisms, and plot displacement-time, velocity-time, acceleration-time cam profiles.

v Study Material: 

It is essential for students to know the concepts of Theory of Machines as this subject is the foundation to subjects like Design of Machine Elements, Mechanical Vibrations, etc. But it is difficult to completely understand different concepts by only referring to books. That is why online courses, tutorials and video lectures play an important role in studying nowadays. The video format helps students to understand different topics easily and study concepts in a comprehensive manner! Online study resources are regularly updated with relevant information and are up-to-date. We have well-qualified professors to ensure best quality education in terms of understanding the technical aspect of different topics and to provide tangible concept clearing in order to prepare students for their exams.

v Course Details: 

Ekeeda provides Theory of Machines course at just Rs. 1500/- for second-year students. The course is designed especially to help students get their basics right and to easily understand Theory of Machines.

The course contains the entire syllabus of Theory of Machines with:

ü  Over 30-45 lectures

ü  About 3-7 hours of video

The chapters are broken down into almost 170 smaller sub-topics to enable students to grasp various concepts. Each video ranges from 3 mins to 25 mins in length so that students can easily understand different concepts in a comprehensive and lucid manner. The course is designed with an increasing level of difficulty in the topics to provide a smooth learning curve for all students.

The complete study package including video lectures, online tutorials, and subject courses are easily available for all students across the country on as well as on our free engineering mobile app. Ekeeda offers special combo packages on study material and courses for subjects of a semester. This is done with an objective to improve the technical aptitude of the students in different subjects and help them to score well in their engineering exams.

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