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v Objective:

After the first year engineering syllabus being common for students of all branches, the subjects from the second year are related to their chosen field of specialization. Industrial Electronics is a part of the second year syllabus for the mechanical, automobile, electronics and similar branches of engineering. The subject is included with an objective to familiarise the students with the basic concepts of electronics used in the industry.

Industrial Electronics deals with the study of power electronic switches and circuits and their applications, rectifiers and inverters for dc and ac motor speed control, etc. This subject is crucial with regard to application in industries and is the foundation for automation technology. The concepts included in Industrial Electronics are used while studying the speed-torque characteristics of electrical machines for speed control and form the foundation for related subjects of later years for the above-mentioned streams like Mechatronics, Microprocessors, Machine Design, Mechanical Vibrations, etc. 

v Syllabus: 

Industrial Electronics includes topics like:

1)      Semiconductors

2)      Rectifiers and Inverters

3)      Operational Amplifiers

4)      Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

5)      AC and DC Motors

6)      Digital Logic and Logic Families

7)      Interfacing Memory 

The subject teaches students to identify rectifiers and inverters for DC and AC motor speed control, develop circuits using OP-AMPs and timer IC555, identify digital circuits for industrial applications, etc. The concepts included in Industrial Electronics are used to study the structure, working and characteristics of different types of industrial electric motors and their selection for a particular application. This makes Industrial Electronics an important subject which acts as the foundation for various concepts not just throughout the four engineering years but also for the industry applications. 

v Study Material: 

Referring to various reference books in order to study this subject does not help in understanding various circuits completely. That is why online tutorials and video lectures play a major role as it is convenient for students to understand and learn subjects in video format as you can re-watch a video multiple times till you completely understand a particular topic! Ekeeda is the most trusted educational portal by students in the country when it comes to online engineering courses and tutorials for subjects of different branches of engineering of various universities. These video courses are designed to ensure that students understand the different concepts and circuits in depth so that they can confidently write their exams.

v Course Details: 

Ekeeda offers Industrial Electronics course for second-year students at just Rs. 1500/- with the entire syllabus of Industrial Electronics. The course is especially designed to create an affinity and better understanding of electronics among students.

The course contains:

ü  Over 120+ lectures

ü  15+ hours of video

Each topic is broken down into smaller sub-topics with each video ranging from 3 mins to 20 mins in length in order to help students to understand them in a better manner. The online courses and video lectures are easily available on Ekeeda.com for all students. We also have our free engineering mobile app with access to all the study material. The videos are very engaging and offer the best learning experience to students. Ekeeda offers special combo packages for students on study material and courses for subjects of an entire semester. We are making dedicated efforts to enhance the online engineering courses for students in our country by means of our online courses, videos, tutorials, etc. and provide them with a platform to improve their technical knowledge along with preparing them for their engineering exams.

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