Engineering Mathematics 3 Lectures & Courses

v Objective:

Advance Engineering Mathematics is an integral subject in the engineering syllabus. The subject is included with an objective to provide sound foundation in the mathematical fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyse engineering problems.

The concepts in Advance Engineering Mathematics are used to solve day-to-day engineering problems by applying mathematical solutions. The subject teaches students to apply basic principles of Laplace Transform, Fourier series, etc. to the engineering problems.

v Syllabus:

The syllabus includes topics like-

1)      Laplace Transform

2)      Fourier series

3)      Beta and Gamma Function

4)      Partial Differentiation

5)      Differential Equation of First Order and First Degree

6)      Linear Differential Equation with Constant Coefficient 

Engineering Mathematics-3 teaches students to use Laplace Transform and Fourier Series in solving the Ordinary Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations, solve initial and boundary value problems involving ordinary differential equations, identify the applicability of various theorems and evaluate them, etc. The concepts included in Advance Engineering Mathematics are used while solving numerical problems and applied in various laws and theorems in different subjects of later years. This makes Advance Engineering Mathematics an important subject which acts as the foundation for various concepts throughout the four engineering years. 

v Study Material: 

Students often refer to reference books in order to prepare for this subject. But completely understanding mathematical concepts and solving sums by just directly referring to a book is easier said than done. That is where online tutorials and video lectures come into the picture as it is comparatively easy for students to understand and learn subjects in video format as you can watch and re-watch a video till you completely understand a topic! Ekeeda is the most trusted educational platform by students across the country when it comes to online engineering courses and tutorials for subjects of different engineering branches. The video courses for Advance Engineering Mathematics are designed to ensure that students understand the mathematical concepts in order to confidently solve problems and write their semester exams.

v Course Details: 

Ekeeda offers Advance Engineering Mathematics course for students at just Rs. 1500/- with the entire syllabus of Advance Engineering Mathematics. A number of students have an inexplicable fear of mathematics. The course is specially designed to help students confront their fear of mathematics and enjoy the subject.

The course contains:

ü  Over 75+ lectures

ü  16+ hours of video

Each chapter is divided into smaller sub-topics with each video ranging from 3 mins to 20 mins in length so that it is convenient for students to break down the topics and understand them in a better manner. The videos are highly engaging and offer the best learning experience to students.

The online courses and video lectures for Advance Engineering Mathematics are easily available on Ekeeda.com for all students. We also have our engineering mobile app with access to study material from the best professors. Ekeeda offers special combo packages for students on study material and courses for subjects of an entire semester. This is done in order to provide the students with a chance to improve their technical aptitude along with helping them prepare for their engineering exams. We are making dedicated efforts to enhance the online engineering courses in India by means of our online videos and tutorials.

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