Digital Signal Processing Applications Lectures & Courses

v Objective:

The syllabus is fairly common for students of all branches in the first year of engineering. From the second year, the subjects are more relevant to their chosen field of specialization. Digital Signal Processing Applications is a part of the syllabus in the sixth semester for computer engineering. The subject is included with an objective to familiarize the students with the basic concepts of signal processing.

Signal processing concerns with the representation, transformation, and manipulation of signals and the information contained in the signals. This subject includes the fundamental theories and techniques to construct modern information systems. The concepts included in Digital Signal Processing Applications are used while studying digital electronics especially computing equipment and data transmission, and form the foundation for various electronic subjects of Mechatronics, Electronics, Computer, Instrumentation, etc. 

v Syllabus: 

The subject Digital Signal Processing Applications includes topics like:

1)      Introduction to Discrete Time Signal Processing

2)      Discrete Fourier Transform

3)      Fast Fourier Transform (FTT)

4)      Inverse Fast Fourier Transform

5)      Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filters

6)      Infinite Impulse Response Filters

7)      Realization of Digital Filter

8)      Multi Rate Signal Processing

9)      Application of Digital Signal Processing Applications

10)   Analysis of Finite Word Length Effects 

The concepts included in Digital Signal Processing Applications are used in various embedded system projects.  The subject introduces students to discrete Fourier transform and its applications, and signal processing concepts in systems having more than one sampling frequency, study the design of infinite and finite impulse response filters for filtering undesired signals, etc. This makes Digital Signal Processing Applications an important subject which acts as the foundation for various concepts in later years and prepares students to apply Digital Signal Processing algorithms to various areas of engineering. 

v Study Material: 

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v Course Details: 

Ekeeda offers Digital Signal Processing Applications course for engineering students at just Rs. 1500/- with the entire syllabus of Digital Signal Processing Applications. The course is especially designed to create an affinity and better understanding of basic electronic concepts among students.

The course contains:

ü  Over 124+ lectures

ü  32+ hours of video

Each topic is broken down into smaller sub-topics with each video ranging from 3mins to 20mins in length in order to help students to understand them in a better manner. The online courses and video lectures are available on Ekeeda.com for all students. We also have our free engineering mobile app with access to all the study material. The videos are very engaging and offer the best learning experience to students.  We, at Ekeeda, are making dedicated efforts to enhance the quality of online engineering education for students in our country by means of our video courses, online tutorials, etc. and provide them with a platform to improve their technical knowledge.

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