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v Objective:

One of the subjects that are a part of the engineering syllabus for the branches of mechanical, automobile, civil, etc. is Computer Aided Machine Drawing. The subject is included with an objective to familiarize conversion of an object into a drawing and to study conventional representation of various machining and mechanical details.

Computer Aided Machine Drawing helps to visualize and prepare detail drawings of given objects and different mechanical systems. This subject is an integral part of the mechanical, civil, automobile and similar branches of engineering. The basics included in Computer Aided Machine Drawing are used by the above-mentioned streams while designing machine elements and mechanical systems in later years.

v Syllabus:

The subject also aims to teach basic computer aided drafting (CAD) and includes the AutoCad software to draw three dimensional objects along with its different views. Knowledge of CAD is used for detailed engineering of 3D or 2D drawings of physical components, and also throughout the engineering process of products starting from conceptual design and layout, then strength and dynamic analysis of assemblies to definition of manufacturing methods of components.

v Study Material: 

Ekeeda is the best educational portal offering online courses for subjects from different branches of engineering. We have experienced professors use the latest technology to provide the best quality learning experience. The video courses are specially designed to ensure the quality in terms of understanding the technical aspects of different topics in order to help students write their exams confidently. Students often find it very difficult to visualize and understand the concepts of Engineering Drawing. It is almost impossible to understand the basics of this subject by just referring to a book. It is easy for students to understand different topics and study a subject in video format when it is being explained to them step-by-step! Online courses are regularly updated to provide relevant up-to-date study material.

v Course Details: 

Ekeeda provides Engineering Graphics course at just Rs. 1500/- for students. The course is designed especially to help students understand the concepts easily and to study Engineering Drawing.

The course contains the entire syllabus of Engineering Drawing with:

ü  Over 120+ lectures

ü  70+ hours of video

The modules are divided into chapters:

1)      Projection of Lines

2)      Projection of Planes

3)      Projection of Solids

4)      Section of Solids

5)      Orthographic Projections

6)      Sectional Orthographic Projections

7)      Isometric Projections

Each chapter is broken down into numerous smaller sub-topics to make it easier for students to grasp various concepts. Each video varies from 8mins to 100mins in length and explains each step in detail so that it is easy for students to understand different topics in a comprehensive manner. The level of difficulty of the topics increases gradually to provide a smooth learning curve for all students. The customized video lectures help the students to master different topics.

Ekeeda offers special combo packages on subject courses for a semester. The video lectures, online tutorials, and subject courses are easily available for all students on Ekeeda.com as well as on our engineering app that can be downloaded for free. This is done so as to enable future engineers to improve their technical aptitude of different subjects and help them to completely prepare for their engineering exams.

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