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v Objective:

Applied Mathematics is a compulsory subject common for students from all branches of engineering in the first semester of their degree. The subject is included with an objective to help students to apply mathematical concepts to solve real-life problems in the industry.

Applied Mathematics is different from regular mathematics in it that the former is used to solve day-to-day engineering problems by applying mathematical concepts. This makes it an important subject for students from all branches of engineering. The concepts included in AM-1 are used while solving numerical problems and applied in various theorems and laws in different subjects of later years. This makes Applied Mathematics- 1 an important subject which acts as a basic foundation for various concepts throughout the four engineering years.

v Syllabus:

The syllabus is divided into six modules

1)      Complex Numbers

2)      Logarithm of Complex Numbers & Successive Differentiation

3)      Matrices

4)      Partial Differentiation

5)      Applications of Partial Differentiation & Expansion of Functions

6)      Indeterminate Forms, Numerical Solutions of Transcendental Equations & System of Linear Equations

The subject also includes SCILAB software in the syllabus to enable students to apply Scilab programming techniques to problems based on solution of simultaneous linear algebraic equations.

v Study Material: 

Students often refer to reference books by G.V. Kumbhojkar and R.D.Sharma in order to prepare for this subject. But it is difficult to completely understand a mathematical concept by just directly referring to a book. That is where online tutorials and videos play a major role. It is comparatively easy for students to understand and learn subjects in video format! Unlike traditional printed books, online courses are always updated to provide relevant and up-to-date study material. Ekeeda provides online engineering courses of all subjects for different engineering branches. These dedicated video courses are designed to ensure the quality in terms of understanding the technical concepts in order to help the students to confidently write their exams and enhance their learning experience.

v Course Details: 

Ekeeda provides first-year engineering Applied Mathematics course at just Rs. 1500/- with the entire syllabus of Applied Mathematics- 1. The course is designed especially to help students tackle their fear of mathematics.

The course contains:

ü  Over 220+ lectures

ü  35+ hours of video

The six modules are divided into 12 chapters as follows:

1)      Complex Numbers

2)      Expansions of Functions

3)      Homogeneous Functions

4)      Hyperbolic Functions

5)      Indeterminate Forms

6)      Jacobians

7)      Linear Equations

8)      Maxima and Minima

9)      Partial Differentiation

10)   Rank of Matrix

11)   Successive Differentiation

12)   Logarithms of Complex Numbers

Each chapter is divided into numerous smaller sub-topics with each video 3-15 mins in length so that it is convenient for students to break down the topics and understand them in a comprehensive manner.

The online tutorials and video lectures are easily available on Ekeeda.com for students. We also have our engineering app with access to all the study material and best faculties. Ekeeda offers special combo packages for students on study material and courses for all subjects of an entire semester. This is done with the objective to provide the students with a chance to improve their technical aptitude along with preparing them for their engineering exams. We are making calculated efforts to enhance online engineering courses in India by means of our dedicated lectures and tutorials.

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