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Production Engineering is a specialization of Mechanical Engineering. This Engineering focuses mainly on Materials Science, Machine Tools, and Quality Control. Professional Production Engineer design, develop, implement, operate, and manage manufacturing systems. Production Engineering combines the knowledge of management science with manufacturing tech.

As a Production Engineer, you are given deeper insight into the various sectors on how to produce and resolved the shortcoming with the goal of providing your customers with satisfactory service in a budget production. The manufactured products range from turbines, engines and pumps, airplanes, robotic equipment, and integrated circuits.

Key Focus Area of the Course


You should focus in the following areas in Production Engineering:

  •         Understanding the inner working of various machine and its design
  •         Learn the various techniques for Quality maintenance, Production and Operation Management
  •         Designing of Mold & Metal Forming Tools and Process Engineering on a mass scale
  •         Learning various Business ethics and communication skills.

Eligibility Criteria


  •         Under Graduation (UG)- To pursue UG course in computer engineering, a person should have at least 50% marks or its equivalent CGPA in their 12th class.
  •         Post-Graduation (PG)- In order to do Masters in computer engineering, a person should have 60% of marks or 6.5 of CPI in their Engineering and technology course.

What does a Production Engineer do?


As a Production engineer, your work is to choose machinery and equipment for a particular manufacturing process. Then you have to plan and schedule the production of your product. They have to install the machinery, and then operate the production unit so that the production is in time and such engineers also have to deal with any mishap that happens in the manufacturing unit. A production Engineer is also responsible for the quality control and distribution of the product and then inventory control.

Scope of Production Engineering:


As we have seen, Production engineering is responsible for the manufacturing of various product by managing machine tools, materials, and human resource. With the world moving towards robots as a substitute for human resource in manufacturing. It is hard to believe that Production Engineering would replace a production manager yet. Robots are not yet capable of managing resources as of yet. So, the future of production is bright, and the job demand is rising as well with growing industries in India.

Production Engineering Subjects


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

  • 1.       Engineering Mathematics 3
  • 2.       Applied Thermodynamics
  • 3.       Manufacturing Engineering 1
  • 4.       Material Science and Engineering
  • 5.       Mechanics of Solids

Semester 4

  • 1.       Engineering Mathematics 4
  • 2.       Dynamics of Machines
  • 3.       Manufacturing Engineering 2
  • 4.       Fluid and Thermal Engineering
  • 5.       Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Semester 5

  • 1.       Design of Mold and Metal Forming Tools
  • 2.       Operations Research
  • 3.       Machine Design 1
  • 4.       CAD/CAM/CIM
  • 5.       Metrology and Quality Engineering

Semester 6

  • 1.       Machining Science and Technology
  • 2.       Process Engineering and Tooling
  • 3.       Machine Design 2
  • 4.       Production Tooling

Semester 7

  • 1.       Industrial Training and Project

Semester 8

  • 1.       Fluid Power and Automation
  • 2.       Industrial Engineering and Human Resource Management
  • 3.       Economics, Finance, Accounting & Costing

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