Mechatronics Engineering Lectures & Courses

Mechatronics Engineering is a program in engineering which combines the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering. It concentrates mainly on modeling, sensors, controllers, and real-time computer interfacing.

This program is developed due to demand from industries for an engineer with multi-disciplinary skills. Mechatronics engineers have to design, construct, and run production lines and automated processes with their skills, much like a production engineer but in a different field.

This a field for students who have an interest in using computers and designing things. They should also be curious about how things work and what can be done to enhance them. They should be satisfactory in observing design and doing something with it.

Key Focus Area of the Course

Subjects in Mechatronics Engineering are fundamentals from the different engineering program. Hence, these are a few facets which need more attention

  •         Calculus, Programming and Engineering Statics
  •         Introduction to an electric circuit, system dynamics, control theory
  •         manufacturing process, CAD, and electric actuator system.

Eligibility Criteria

  •         Under Graduate (UG)- The candidate should pass with at least 50% marks in their class XII or the equivalent CGPA in a science major.
  •         Post Graduate (PG)- The candidate should have at least 60% of marks (first class) in their Under Graduation with Engineering major. If the grading system has CPI, then the candidate should have a minimum CPI of 6.5.


Scope of Mechatronics Engineering


There is immense scope for Mechatronics engineering as the branch was born with industrial demand. As a Mechatronics engineer, you have a high demand in various industries related to smart appliances. The medical field is also an area where Mechatronics Engineers are finding their path and trying to improve the efficiency of existing equipment’s and using their knowledge of programming language to design new and flexible medical instruments.


Career prospect of Mechatronics Engineer


The job opportunities are plenty for a Mechatronics Engineer, and they can apply for jobs both in the private and public sector. However, finding Government jobs can be difficult. We generally see companies looking for experienced candidates, but you can also be hired as a fresher.

Research is an interesting area for many Mechatronics Engineer, and most of them eventually pursue research after finishing their course. This is one of the easy fields where you can get into teaching after finishing your post-graduation.


Mechatronics Engineering Subjects


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

  • 1.       Engineering Mathematics 3
  • 2.       Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • 3.       Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
  • 4.       Digital Electronics
  • 5.       Applied Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Semester 4

Semester 5

  • 1.       Manufacturing Processes
  • 2.       Sensors and Actuators
  • 3.       Machine Design
  • 4.       Control Systems
  • 5.       Embedded Systems
  • 6.       Operating Systems

Semester 6

  • 1.       CNC Technology
  • 2.       Metrology and Quality Engineering
  • 3.       Dynamics of Machinery
  • 4.       Power Electronics and Drives
  • 5.       Instrumentation and Control
  • 6.       Applied Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Semester 7

  • 1.       CAD/CAM/CAE
  • 2.       Manufacturing Planning and Control
  • 3.       Communication Systems
  • 4.       Automotive Electronics

Semester 8

  • 1.       Design of Mechatronic Systems
  • 2.       Engineering Management and Economics
  • 3.       Modeling and Simulation

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