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The first year engineering course seems more like an extension of the subjects that students have learnt in their 12th class. Subjects like Engineering Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, are incorporated into the curriculum. These subjects will help students with their basics. It is very important to have strong fundamentals about the subjects, and hence the curriculum is crafted according to it. Students will learn about some of the engineering subjects in this first year, and these subjects are similar to all the branches. Everyone will learn some basics related to the other streams in their first year. 

This first year engineering is divided into two semesters and the subjects in both semesters are similar for all the departments. Students will get in-depth knowledge about physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Later they incorporate these subjects and techniques in other semesters of engineering too.

As mentioned above, this department deals with Engineering Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Basics of Electrics and Electronics, etc.

Key Focus Areas of Course


  • ·         Providing in-depth knowledge about physics, chemistry, and engineering.
  • ·         Exposure to the new engineering subjects like basics of electrics and electronics.
  • ·         Workshop to enhance the skills of students.

Eligibility Criteria


The candidate who wants to get into the first year of engineering should have at least 50% of marks in their 12th class. If it CGPA, they should have the equivalent CGPA to get qualified to the job.

Subjects in First Year of Engineering


Semester 1


Semester 2


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