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A branch of vehicle engineering, automobile engineering is a subcategory of mechanical engineering which deals in manufacturing, designing and operating of vehicles. In the past few decades, this field of engineering has been gaining recognition because of the increased demand for cars across the globe. Also known as automotive engineering, a career in Automobile engineering field should only be thought of if one is passionate about cars and other vehicles in general.

In recent times this branch of engineering is being preferred by students because of the growing aspects in the field of technology. These wider prospects make automobile engineering a good career option, among others.

Key Focus Area of The Course


Here are a few important areas you need to focus in Automobile Engineering

  •         The Design and working of an automobile engine
  •         3D modeling and CAM software
  •         Power Units and Transmission, and Automotive Pollution and Control
  •         Non-destructive Testing Methods and Alternate Fuels and Energy Systems

Eligibility Criteria


  •         Under Graduate (UG) - The candidate should pass with at least 50% marks in their class XII or the equivalent CGPA in a science major.
  •         Post Graduate (PG)- The candidate should have at least 60% of marks (first class) in their Under Graduation with Engineering major. If the grading system has CPI, then the candidate should have a minimum CPI of 6.5.

Scope of Automobile Engineers


  •         Automobile engineers are responsible for designing all the mechanical system of the vehicle.
  •         The development engineers under this category are assigned the task of implementation, operation, maintenance, and control of all the processes that come under vehicle manufacturing.
  •         Quality control executives ensure various improvements that are possible in the existing vehicles.

Skills required to become an automobile engineer:


  • a)     A creative approach to every aspect.
  • b)     Command over subjects like Maths and IT
  • c)     Excellent Analytical skills.
  • d)     proper planning and organization of work
  • e)     Ability to work according to the deadlines
  • f)      Ability to do the work within the allotted budget

Future Scope of Career in Automobile Engineering


Automobile engineering has been witnessing an increase in popularity as far as it being a career option is concerned. However there are still many students who are doubtful if there is any good future scope in this field. Needless to say, demand for electric vehicles and other technology-based vehicles will keep on increasing in the near future. Hence, choosing a career in automobile engineering is definitely a good option for the long run. 

Automobile Engineering Subjects


·         Semester 1

·         Semester 2

·         Semester 3

·         Semester 4

·         Semester 5

·         Semester 6

  • 1.       Chassis and Body Engineering
  • 2.       Finite Element Analysis
  • 3.       Machine Design 1
  • 4.       Mechanical Vibrations

·         Semester 7

  • 1.       Automotive Designs
  • 2.       CAD/CAM/CAE
  • 3.       Autotronics

·         Semester 8

  • 1.       Vehicle Maintenance
  • 2.       Vehicle Dynamics
  • 3.       Vehicle Safety

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